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About LOGIX Communications

LOGIX is an integrated communications company that focuses on making telecom simple, easy and convenient for small and medium-sized businesses. Our reputation for providing a customer-focused alternative makes LOGIX an ideal partner for businesses looking for flexibility and simplicity in the way they use voice and data services.


LOGIX Overview

Helping customers communicate since 1983.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, LOGIX continues to thrive in its tradition of providing excellent service while bringing innovation and dedication to our customers throughout Texas and Oklahoma. LOGIX voice and data networks have the most robust technology in the industry. We are continuously improving all aspects of our network so that we can deliver the benefits of communications technology to our customers. However, no matter how advanced our network or technologies become our primary focus is to be the easiest telecommunications company to do business with.


LOGIX: Our History

Everything you ever wanted to know about LOGIX since 1983! Thanks to our customers we have a story to tell. Since the beginning, we have worked hard to give our customers the best service possible. Our voice, Internet and data networks as well as our cloud services have been designed to help you succeed in your industry. We own, operate and service every voice, Internet and cloud services element on our network. All of our field service, network operations and customer service people are LOGIX employees. We take pride in focusing on delivering the best customer experience possible. When you call LOGIX you will "Never have to press 1 for anything." We promise.


Our Team

At LOGIX PERFECT SERVICE means to provide the essential business tools your company needs to grow and succeed, and LOGIX is committed to doing it perfectly. To accomplish this, we provide the right people and the right technology that's right for your business.


Customer Testimonials

One of the many things that makes us happy, at LOGIX, is hearing from our customers. Well, actually, we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love to hear from our customers!


Service Areas

LOGIX Communications proudly serves the major markets in Texas and Oklahoma.

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