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In today's environment your E-mail is critical to your business' ability to compete. LOGIX E-mail Service is offered to all of our Internet and data customers as a complimentary service. Our world class E-mail Services can adapt to your growing needs.

LOGIX Business Class E-mail Hosting features:

  • Servers Owned and Managed by LOGIX"Live" 24-Hour Technical Support Web

  • Enabled - Access your LOGIX E-mail anytime, anywhere

  • Off-Network Authentication - No Outgoing SMTP Setting Changes

  • Online Account Management with LOGIX E-mail Administrator Portal

  • Domained E-mail/Branded E-mail support

  • POP3 and POP3 with SSL support

  • IMAP and IMAP with SSL support

  • Mail Server Back-Up - With Storage Up to 7 Days

  • State-of-the-art Data Center

  • Climate-Controlled Environment

  • Generator Backup

  • LOGIX is committed to keeping it simple for you to do business.

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