All Business Internet Services Are Not the Same

Why Dedicated Internet Is the Best Choice for Your Business

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The way businesses work today has changed significantly. Businesses of every size now depend on high-performing internet to remain competitive. Whether it is internet-based voice or video or cloud connectivity, reliable internet has become a must-have for businesses.

Broadband vs. Dedicated Internet

There is a big difference between broadband and dedicated internet, and the difference can significantly impact the quality of your internet service. The easiest way to understand this is to think about it this way:

  • Broadband = Best effort
  • Dedicated Internet = Dedicated bandwidth

Download the Executive Report on this page to learn:

  • What is Broadband Internet and how it is used
  • What is Dedicated Internet and how it is used
  • How Can You Tell the Difference?
  • Use Case: Dedicated Internet with Broadband Backup

LOGIX Dedicated Business Internet

Businesses are more reliant on the internet now than ever before. With more than 95% of all organizations doing business in the cloud, you need the most reliable, dedicated internet connectivity on a fiber network built for business.

If you need reliable, predictable performance, consistent bandwidth, and low latency, you need dedicated internet service and a dedicated internet service that is built for business.

Watch our on-demand webinar, Dedicated vs. Broadband Internet: How to Choose the Best Internet for Your Business, to learn more about LOGIX’s dedicated internet access. Then contact LOGIX Fiber Networks at 281.688.6283 or online to request a quote.


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