Wholesale Wireless Backhaul

Need a fiber backhaul solution specifically engineered to support mobile network operators?

LOGIX Wireless Backhaul service provides a flexible approach to addressing the backhaul, front-haul or mid-haul requirements of wireless service providers.

Engineered to support the rigid requirements of 5G, LOGIX high-capacity network can support any use case requiring the transport of wireless traffic.

Extend the reach of your network with LOGIX Wireless Backhaul

Mobile connectivity has unique requirements.  LOGIX understands those requirements and can leverage its existing metro and long-haul fiber networks to meet those unique demands. 

Extending connectivity to new and existing cell sites with LOGIX low latency, high-capacity fiber network ensures end-to-end system performance and delivery of wireless traffic.


  • Service options from 1 G to 100 G and Dark Fiber
  • Diverse routes and MTSO diversity
  • Ensured quality of experience using sophisticated network timing and synchronization


  • Increase capacity as traffic volume increases
  • Protect your network and ensure uptime
  • Optimized performance to meet the stringent networking requirements of 5G