Cloud Connect

Deliver Reliable Connectivity to Major Cloud Service Providers  

LOGIX Cloud Connect Service provides private, direct and secure access to leading cloud service providers.

Easily Connect with Cloud Service Providers

AWS, Azure, Google and More

LOGIX Cloud Connect service delivers private, secure and reliable network connections to leading cloud service providers, including:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Additional cloud service providers also available

Get ultra-fast, low-latency, private, secure and scalable connections to your applications in the cloud to support the productivity and growth of your business.


  • Leverages LOGIX MEF 2.0 certified ethernet services.
  • Scalability for changing business needs and seasonality.
  • Private network-based CSP connectivity for predictable performance and reliability.
Easily Connect with Cloud Service Providers


  • Increased security and low latency vs. internet-based connectivity to cloud service providers.
  • Potential cost efficiency with cloud service providers by establishing direct connections vs. internet-based connectivity.
  • Connect directly to cloud service providers from production and business continuity resources securely colocated in a LOGIX data center.

LOGIX Texas Cloud Connect Quick Facts

Don’t Lose Access to Your Cloud-Based Resources

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What Customers Say

LOGIX service is great and their customer support team is very quick to respond.

Monica G.

I have found the LOGIX customer service team to be very responsive when it comes to a variety of queries: from questions on contract durations, addition of new services, and performing moves to upgrade of services. I can always count on the customer team to provide solutions that fit our needs.

Keefe A.

Every time I call LOGIX Fiber Networks and talk to a representative I get the issue resolved. They are very knowledgeable of their system and customer service is always ready to assist in any way they can.

Cct T.
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