How to Find a Reliable Business Internet Provider in Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio

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When searching for “business internet providers in my area,” you are likely looking for a company that delivers fast internet service at an affordable price, and has friendly customer service. Reliability has to be a top priority because if your business internet provider cannot provide consistent, reliable service, that puts your business at risk.

When evaluating business internet providers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin or San Antonio, these are some of the things you need to consider.


  • Service-level agreement with a 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 year-round network monitoring
  • Owned fiber connectivity

Customer Service and Support

  • Texas-based customer service
  • Texas-based support team
  • Friendly, local service

Remote Connectivity

  • Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) capability
  • Business wavelength service
  • Remote data-center access

Disaster Recovery

  • Business continuity protocols
  • Redundant data centers
  • Fast and simple rerouting

LOGIX is Built for Business

LOGIX has installed more than 300,000 fiber miles and connected more than 10,000 businesses, 3,000 enterprise buildings and more than 105 data centers. LOGIX provides the most reliable Texas business internet and offers hosted PBX, business wavelength service and fully redundant data centers.

Combined with a Texas-based network operations center that provides 24/7 year-round monitoring and Texas-based customer support, LOGIX is the perfect solution to support remote operations, enhanced mobility and disaster recovery.