LOGIX Business Voice Cloud Integrates with Microsoft Teams for Improved Teamwork and Productivity

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Microsoft Teams is a great way to communicate and collaborate with coworkers. You can launch video conferencing software for a Microsoft Teams meeting with remote employees, create chat channels for project management, and share files and collaborate in real time.

What you cannot do is make or receive external voice calls. Microsoft Teams does not offer the capability to dial numbers or receive phone calls without access to a public switched telephone network. Microsoft Teams does not have a phone number to call in,  therefore, customers cannot call you on Teams unless you are connected to a public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Teams also does not include the advanced calling features that you are used to having, such as call reporting, call recording or contact center.

That is where LOGIX Business Voice Cloud comes in.

LOGIX Business Voice Cloud is a robust, hosted voice solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams to add voice capabilities into the Microsoft platform. Combining Teams with Business Voice Cloud from LOGIX creates a powerful solution that helps you manage all communications within the Teams environment.

Combining the power of Microsoft Teams and LOGIX Business Voice Cloud creates a unified communication and collaboration platform that helps employees stay connected with each other and with customers.

Download the Executive Report on this page to learn more about how to leverage Microsoft Teams with LOGIX Business Voice Cloud.