Competitive Data-Center Options for Texas Companies

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Digital transformation across all types of businesses continues to accelerate. Nearly 75% of companies say they expect to be mostly or all cloud-based within the next 18 months. The dramatic increase in the number of employees working remotely will only expedite this trend. That means more businesses need to expand their data-center options.

When looking for competitive Texas data-center options, here are some of the key things you need to know.

The Benefits of Using Colocation Data Centers

The benefits of using colocation data centers include cost savings and having the peace of mind that your business can continue to function in case of a disaster.

Colocating business data to an outsourced data center offers these additional benefits:

  • Lower initial infrastructure costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Redundancy and reduced downtime
  • 24/7 year-round monitoring and information technology support
  • Enhanced security
  • Flexibility and scalability

Evaluating Texas Data Centers

The No. 1 thing you need from Texas data centers is reliability. When you need to access your data, you need to know that it is available. The best Texas data centers offer 100% uptime based on their robust infrastructure and redundancy.

Their offer should include:

  • Redundant power
  • Diverse and redundant connectivity
  • A redundant infrastructure
  • A redundant environment
  • Managed security

For more information about how to choose a Texas data center, download the executive report on this page.

LOGIX Colocation Data Centers

LOGIX Fiber Networks is a Texas company built for business with data centers throughout Texas. With 300,000 fiber miles connecting nearly 80+ third-party data centers and 3,000 enterprise buildings, LOGIX serves more than 10,000 demanding businesses.

LOGIX colocation data centers are built on highly reliable and fully redundant infrastructures. With diverse power and carrier-neutral connectivity, LOGIX colocation data centers are an enterprise-class solution, whether your organization needs a data hall, private cage, multiple racks or flexible power configurations.