On-Demand: Delivering Value Beyond WAN Connectivity for LOGIX Agents

WED, JUN 8, 2022

Watch the Webinar

Simplify and secure your customer’s network with a complete solution.

Learn how to enable your customers to connect and work within their organization’s wide area network without increasing their security risks.

View this short webinar to learn how the LOGIX SD-WAN Secure solution will help your customers optimize their WAN performance across both LOGIX and 3rd party uplinks.

LOGIX SD-WAN Secure powered by Versa Titan eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional wide area network (WAN) architectures, enables your customers to work from anywhere, and importantly provides a strong security posture for their networks.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn how application-based traffic steering can help prioritize critical applications
  2. Learn how integrated security and next-gen firewalls will enable a unified threat management solution
  3. Learn how customers can protect their hybrid and remote workers with extended security and SD-WAN features anywhere
  4. Learn about how LOGIX SD-WAN Solution Bundles easily and cost-effectively deliver a complete network solution
LOGIX Network Operations Center (NOC) continues to monitor Beryl's impacts to maintain services for our customers in the impacted regions and to act quickly to restore services as needed. To report any service interruptions please submit a ticket via theLOGIX Customer Portal