SASE Secure Remote Workforce Connectivity - New Solutions to Support Your Hybrid Workforce

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As businesses move increasing workloads to the cloud, new challenges arise, including:

  • Work from anywhere (WFA) is the new normal
  • Legacy architecture does not always scale or requires time-consuming manual intervention
  • As more businesses embrace a multi-cloud strategy causing network and security vulnerabilities to expand, users demand a reliable, secure experience even if working remotely or in a distributed workforce

The threat surface has expanded. Before the pandemic, most organizations thought of their security perimeter as their network with firewalls protecting the enterprise. Over the past two years, however, we have all become more aware of increased risks from threats outside this perimeter that require a comprehensive approach to security before users are allowed to access the network.

Secure Access Service Edge, also known as SASE, may be the solution your business needs to stay connected and secure in this environment.

Download the Executive Report on this page to learn:

  • Why Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)?
  • The Use Cases for SASE
    • Use Case #1: Managing Headquarters, Branch Offices, and a Connected Data Center
    • Use Case #2: Managing a Hybrid Workforce
    • Use Case #3: Managing Regional Offices 

The Benefits of LOGIX SD-WAN
LOGIX SD-WAN helps you address your critical WAN concerns, including:

  • Security: Security is integrated, not an add-on component.
  • Cost: Eliminates CapEx with an OpEx model to help control costs.
  • Performance: Optimizes network traffic and WAN with prioritization of business-critical applications
  • Management & visibility: An easy-to-use single interface and mobile app for ease of network control

The LOGIX SD-WAN solution, powered by Versa Titan, offers enterprise-class security, remote worker access and advanced features enabling your business to optimize the performance of your network.

To learn more about LOGIX SD-WAN Secure solutions, contact LOGIX Fiber Networks at 281.688.6283 or request a quote.