Are you maximizing application connectivity and performance?

Learn how to optimize your data center connectivity

On-Demand Webinar

Colocating your servers and networking equipment in a data center is a cost efficient, secure, and reliable solution for production resources, business continuity, and as an on-ramp to public cloud applications. As your business needs dictate adopting a hybrid cloud strategy – encompassing public cloud and private cloud, including colocation – it is more critical than ever to ensure you have the right network connectivity, management, and security solution in place. During this short webinar, you will learn how LOGIX Data Center Solutions will maximize your application connectivity and performance in a hybrid cloud environment. LOGIX Data Center Solutions offers colocation in LOGIX Data Centers as well as services that can be leveraged at any of the nearly 80+ LOGIX network connected 3rd party data centers. These services include:
  • Dedicated Internet
  • Point to Point Connectivity (Private Ethernet and Wave)
  • Public Cloud Connectivity
  • Secure SD-WAN
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn important industry trends related to how successful businesses are adopting a hybrid cloud approach
  • Learn how data center colocation (private cloud) can create a resilient environment for your mission critical resources
  • Learn about the different public and private cloud connectivity options that can ensure a resilient network architecture
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