Are Your Remote Team Tools For Online Collaboration Secure?

It is important to have a flexible, scalable, phone system that allows for efficient remote communications and collaboration and why the online security of your phone system platform and your remote online collaboration tools are a priority.

Please listen to the recorded webinar to learn:

  • Which encryption methods are state of the art and which are not.
  • What voice bridge solutions protect the privacy and security of your calls.
  • What tools are available to protect the privacy and security of your video conferencing room.
  • Why a fiber Internet connection is superior if reliability and uptime are business-critical.
  • What kind of platform enables you to scale your solution to meet your needs.

Working remotely and online collaboration are both part of the “new norm.” So, access the recorded webinar to learn what questions you should be asking about your current tools and communications systems. If you have any questions or need more information, contact us or call 281-688-6283