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The Benefits of Ultra-Fast Dedicated Fiber Internet for Business

The internet has changed how businesses operate; how you communicate with employees, customers and vendors has evolved in many ways. As digital transformation continues to occur, one thing is constant – the need for reliable and ultra-fast internet connectivity.

Think for a moment about what happens if your business internet connection goes down. Your employees cannot access cloud applications. You may not be able to get critical information or make voice or video calls. Your customers might not be able to reach you. Frustrations mount, and productivity can come to a standstill.

Downtime also comes with a cost. Small businesses report that an hour of downtime can cost them as much as $100,000. For enterprise companies, that cost can go well above $1 million.

Slowdowns or unreliable connections can impact your business. But even beyond lightning-fast, reliable fiber internet for business, there are other benefits of dedicated internet.

Unmatched Reliability

With dedicated fiber internet for business, you get unmatched reliability. Fiber offers the fastest speeds available today to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. LOGIX has the largest independent fiber network in Texas, with multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets and a Texas-based network operations center that monitors speed, performance and security 24/7 year-round.

With LOGIX, you get the ultimate in reliability, with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Faster Speeds

With dedicated fiber network services, you do not share internet connectivity with anyone, so there are no slowdowns at peak traffic times or when anyone else is using the internet. You get synchronous internet speeds – the same fast speeds whether you upload or download files.

Dedicated fiber also gives you the speed you pay for. Other internet connections often share connections that can impact network speeds. Some companies cap speeds or throttle connections during peak times. This does not happen with dedicated fiber internet for business.

Lower Latency

During the pandemic, videoconferencing usage increased approximately 300% and has become a business staple. The increasing number of remote workers only accelerates that usage. Real-time applications such as videoconferencing and Voice over Internet Protocol require extremely low latency for high-quality connections. Dedicated fiber produces the lowest possible latency for smooth video and voice calls.


Fiber has significant capacity, which means that you can scale usage easily and quickly. You can increase speed and capacity as your business grows without installing new lines, essentially futureproofing your internet connectivity.

Increased Productivity

You can increase productivity with reliable, fast, dedicated fiber network services for business. Everything online happens more efficiently and quickly, so your employees can work at peak performance.

When you work with a reliable business internet provider like LOGIX Fiber Networks, you can all but eliminate downtime, slowdowns and long waits to move data back and forth.

Better Collaboration

An increasing number of employees are working remotely in a distributed workforce. They need ultra-fast fiber internet to collaborate in real time. Whether teams work in the same office or are spread across the region, dedicated fiber internet to your cloud resources will improve performance and allow for better collaboration.

Enhanced Network Security

Dedicated fiber internet for business can play a significant role in securing your network. Because you are not sharing your internet connection with anyone else, cyberattacks have fewer entry points. You may also choose to enhance security by deploying a secure access service edge (SASE) solution such as LOGIX SD-WAN Secure to manage all security on your network in a centralized platform.

Cloud and Data Center Connectivity

Business consulting company Gartner estimates that businesses will spend more than $1.3 trillion in 2022 as they continue migrating workloads to the cloud. By 2025, Gartner expects more than half of all IT expenses to be for cloud resources.

Doing business in the cloud requires fast, reliable fiber internet for business. If you cannot depend on your internet connectivity, it is more than a nuisance and can cost you time and money.

The same applies if you have an off-site data center or use a colocation data center. You must have consistent, reliable and ultra-fast connectivity to maximize data center services and assets. Whether you are using a private, public or hybrid cloud, only dedicated fiber internet for business provides both speed and reliability.

LOGIX is Built for Business

LOGIX offers secure, reliable dedicated fiber network services for business on Texas’ largest independent fiber network. With more than 300,000 fiber miles throughout the state, you get best-in-class network connectivity. You also get exceptional, fast and friendly service from a Texas-based company that can handle your dedicated fiber internet's design, installation, management and support.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today at 281-688-6231, or request a quote to learn how fiber network services for business can benefit your organization.