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Benefits of Wholesale Managed Wavelength Services

When you need a powerful, high-bandwidth solution to move large data payloads securely, wholesale managed wavelength services may be an option. Here are a few benefits of wavelength services and why you should choose LOGIX Fiber Networks.

Alternative to Dark Fiber

Wholesale managed wavelength services are an affordable alternative to constructing and managing dark fiber. Dark fiber requires you to light it up and manage everything yourself. With managed wavelength, it is already lit and LOGIX can manage it for you.

Managing your own fiber requires a significant investment, including wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) equipment for each fiber endpoint. WDM lets you send multiple signals at different wavelengths and increases the number of waves that can be sent simultaneously over a single fiber strand. Besides the cost, this also requires monitoring and maintenance given the complexity of managing dark fiber.

Avoids Hefty Upfront Costs

With fiber wavelength services, you get all the advantages of dark fiber without the added expense of lighting it or the management responsibility. You can still run multiple protocols simultaneously without a significant upfront expense.

Even with the hefty upfront expense for dark fiber, you still have to pay recurring charges or ongoing maintenance fees.

Shorter Term Agreements

Dark fiber typically requires a long-term agreement, often 10 to 20 years. You can generally get shorter terms with managed wavelength services, such as three- or five-year agreements. These time frames give you greater flexibility in managing your network and the ability to switch providers or find alternative solutions as technology and capacity evolve.

Avoids Overcapacity

You may not require the full capacity of dark fiber or the number of wavelengths that you can create. With managed wavelength services, you only pay for your current needs. As your network grows or your demands increase, the option to scale bandwidth or speeds in the future eliminates overspending for excess capacity that you may never use, without limiting your ability to grow.

Network Density and Route Diversity

Wavelength service providers such as LOGIX are continuously investing in their fiber footprint. With one of the densest fiber networks in Texas, LOGIX owns and operates 7,000 route miles and 300,000 miles of fiber, reaching 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly every major third-party data center in the state.

This robust network provides a seamless solution for metro and long-haul connectivity. Redundant fiber rings in major cities and dedicated connectivity between Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston provide reliable service and route diversity for redundancy and optimal uptime.

Other Benefits of Managed Wavelength Service

Other benefits include:

  • Simplicity of use and upgrading services.
  • A robust solution for applications requiring exceptionally low latency.
  • Security and availability.
  • Dynamic bandwidth options.

Managed wavelength services provide a cost-effective solution, providing access to high capacity without building your own network, buying and managing equipment, and paying for expert IT specialists.

Who Benefits from Managed Wavelength Service?

Wavelength services on a wholesale fiber network can provide advantages for multiple industries, such as:

  • Wireless carriers looking to connect cell sites to mobile telephone switching offices (MTSOs), connect multiple MTSO locations, or leverage wireless backhaul services.
  • Cable companies that require to create high-capacity connectivity for global Internet Protocol networks.
  • Enterprise-level companies that have gaps in their networks or require connectivity with access points of presence, carrier hotels or data centers.
  • Internet service providers and managed service providers that need to extend their reach, fill in gaps in their network availability or resell wavelength services.
  • Hospitals and health care providers with multiple locations that require high security and control over their wide area network.

You get low latency and multiple routes between locations and markets with LOGIX wholesale managed wavelength.

LOGIX Fiber Networks Business Wavelength

LOGIX offers private fiber connections to transport large volumes of data quickly. You can connect multiple locations, enterprises and data centers with:

  • A full range of speeds up to 100 Gbps.
  • Multiple connections and diverse routes.
  • Load sharing for point-to-point connections.
  • Dedicated full bandwidth between locations.
  • Diverse wave (interface and path).
  • Metro and long-haul capabilities.
  • Layer 1 transport security.

The ability to connect to multiple locations ensures greater network redundancy and business continuity. Organizations can run multiple applications concurrently over a single fiber wavelength while letting LOGIX handle the complex network management required.

LOGIX Business Wavelength can be used with optical transport network, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy/Synchronous Optical Networking or Ethernet interfaces.

LOGIX provides 24/7 year-round monitoring and management of the fiber network, with a Texas-based network operations center to ensure optimal uptime and performance. Local customer service and support teams provide friendly, fast service.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks to discuss your wholesale fiber network needs today at 281-688-6283, or request a quote online.