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The Best Business Internet Provider for Hurricanes & Storms in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio

Whether it is storms, hurricanes, floods or tornadoes, Texans are used to enduring severe weather conditions. Hurricane Norma spawned tornadoes in 1981 and dumped 21 inches of rain on Dallas. In 1998, floods from Hurricane Madeline killed 31 people and caused a billion dollars in damage near San Antonio and Austin. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped 52 inches of rain – a record rainfall amount in the U.S., with extreme flooding in Harris County damaging 300,000 structures. During the past decade, 11 hurricanes and seven damaging tropical storms have hit Texas. The winds associated with these storms knocked out power for millions and created flooding conditions in Houston, San Antonio and Austin and, causing billions of dollars in damage. When the worst happens, your business continuity and disaster recovery plan needs to include service from business internet providers that can withstand the harshest Texas weather, like LOGIX. When hurricanes hit Houston last year, LOGIX customers did not experience any downtime, and it was the same when tornadoes struck Dallas and Fort Worth. Many residential internet providers, telecoms and other business internet providers were unable to keep their internet service up and running, but LOGIX customers had consistent internet service both during and after the storms. That is because LOGIX has taken extreme measures to match the extreme weather. The Largest Privately Held Fiber Network in Texas Unlike other business internet providers that share or lease their lines, LOGIX has the largest privately held fiber network in Texas. Serving Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston, LOGIX owns 300,000 fiber miles of its own network, monitored 24/7 year-round in a dedicated network operations center. If you share your service with neighbors or an entire neighborhood, it can affect the speed and reliability of your business internet service. When the weather is bad, it can compromise the reliability of business internet providers operating this way. If there is a problem, they may have to go through several suppliers and vendors to isolate the problem before they can fix it. In many cases, the company you found searching for “business internet providers in my area” may not own any of the lines it uses to provide your service. They will have to depend on other companies to repair the damage. Since LOGIX owns its fiber network, it can identify problems quickly and begin repairs immediately. Fully Redundant and Geographically Diverse Data Centers LOGIX is also connected to fully redundant data centers. Each data center has a backup generator in case the power goes out, while each rack has redundant power that automatically transfers to another power source in case the primary power source goes out. These data centers also have added fail-safes and precautions. For example, the Houston data center was built with a 36-inch raised floor design to prevent equipment from getting wet. If one data center cannot function, LOGIX has geographically diverse data centers throughout Texas and can quickly reroute traffic so that customers do not experience downtime. Uptime Guarantees LOGIX delivers an industry-leading 99.999% of guaranteed uptime. That equals just 5.39 minutes of downtime in an entire year. And unlike national internet providers or residential or cable internet companies, LOGIX staffs a network operations center in Texas to monitor performance and security 24/7 year-round. Local Support with a Human Touch Downtime puts your business at risk. So, when there is an issue, you need a quick resolution. LOGIX is Texas-based with local customer care and customer support. So when you have a problem, you are talking to someone nearby. Unlike other business internet providers, the LOGIX support team will answer the phone and work with you to solve a problem. And if the problem requires a maintenance crew on-site, LOGIX has a local technical team that can respond immediately. If you are used to working with a residential service provider or one of the national business internet providers, you know how tough it can be to get someone knowledgeable on the phone who can help you solve a problem. LOGIX provides world-class internet service and customer care from experienced technical support representatives. LOGIX is Built for Business These are some of the reasons why more than 10,000 of the most demanding Texas businesses, 3,000 enterprise buildings and 105 data centers in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston have chosen LOGIX for reliable business internet service. They know LOGIX can keep their business running even if severe weather strikes. After searching online for the “best business internet providers in my area,” contact LOGIX for more information by calling 281-688-6231, or request a quote online.