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Finding the Best Business Internet Providers in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston

Internet service has become an indispensable part of business today. Unlike other essential utilities such as electricity or water, however, you have a choice of business internet providers. If you are thinking about switching business internet service providers (ISPs), you need to do your research and make sure that the ISP you choose can meet your needs.

The best business internet providers in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston will offer:

  • Stellar reliability.
  • Friendly, Texas-based customer support.
  • 24/7 year-round network monitoring.
  • Consistently fast symmetrical speeds.
  • Support for other cloud services.

The best business internet providers also use fiber to deliver the optimal experience.


LOGIX offers scalable speeds up to 10 Gbps, backed by a 24/7 year-round network operations center to monitor performance and security. Built on a state-of-the-art backbone with diverse Tier-1 internet peering points, LOGIX has more than 300,000 fiber miles throughout the state.

Dedicated fiber allows you to conduct simultaneous uploads and downloads of very large files without slowdowns, even during peak times.

Even when the weather is bad, you need reliable internet service. Texas ranks second in the nation when it comes to natural disasters, so you will want to work with business internet providers that can withstand the storms. LOGIX has multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets with diverse Tier 1 internet peering points for redundancy..

LOGIX also owns its fiber lines, so problems are easier to discover and resolve. Many cable companies and regional internet suppliers lease lines, so there can be disputes about who is responsible for making repairs, which only increases downtime.

LOGIX provides a guaranteed 99.999% uptime. Because LOGIX monitors its network 24/7 year-round, they identify and fix most problems before you even notice.

Customer Service and Support

If you ever have a question or concern, you want fast and friendly service from a business internet provider in your area. You cannot afford long wait times or customer support teams that do not have the experience or expertise to solve your problems.

LOGIX has a Texas-based customer support team, so you will not be talking to someone out of state or an outsourced agency that can only open up a trouble ticket. If there is a problem, LOGIX also has local technicians on standby.

When comparing business internet providers, service is key. You want to make sure that you are dealing with local people who provide tech support around the clock to keep your business running smoothly.

Fast Speeds

Cloud connectivity has grown rapidly over the past few years. More than 90% of businesses are already doing business in the cloud, and the growing number of remote workers will only increase that number.

When you depend on internet connectivity for core services, you cannot compromise on speeds. With LOGIX Fiber Networks, you get symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gbps. Unlike most cable or some residential business internet suppliers, LOGIX will not throttle speeds, cap usage or share connections.

A dedicated fiber connection gives you the same fast upload and download speeds, and your connection will not depend on what your neighboring businesses are doing. You will get the same high-quality, consistently fast performance even at peak times.

Other Cloud Services

The best business internet providers also offer additional services to make your workplace more efficient, keep your data secure and save you money.

LOGIX offers Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP business phone service; business phone and unified communications services; and LOGIX SD-WAN ecure, including integrated security features and optimization of application performance and WAN utilization.   

If you need a secure, highly available data center for coloaction, LOGIX provides fully redundant and flexible colocation data center facilities in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Houston, with carrier-neutral connectivity options and 100% uptime on power.

Stop Searching – Start Working

You might begin your search by typing “business internet providers in my area” on Google, but your search should end with LOGIX Fiber Networks.

You do not need to settle for slow or unreliable internet connectivity, downtime that can cost you money, frustrating response times or rude customer service representatives. With LOGIX, you get the most reliable business internet service available, 24/7 year-round monitoring and friendly Texas-based customer service.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today at 281-688-6231 or request a quote to start working with the best business internet provider in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or Houston.

LOGIX Network Operations Center (NOC) continues to monitor Beryl's impacts to maintain services for our customers in the impacted regions and to act quickly to restore services as needed. To report any service interruptions please submit a ticket via theLOGIX Customer Portal