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Best Data Center Companies in Fort Worth, Texas

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to some of the largest companies in the country. These companies require robust and reliable data center network connectivity and cloud data center services.

Because of this demand, you can find data center companies providing high-availability and redundant data centers in Fort Worth. But how do you find the best data center companies? Here are some of the things you will want to evaluate.


Location is one of the more important considerations when choosing a cloud data center. You want it to provide low latency and be close enough that you can get to the location if necessary.

The LOGIX Fort Worth colocation data center is in a central downtown location, making it easy to access yet secure. For Fort Worth-based companies that want to replicate or back up data in geographically diverse data centers, LOGIX also operates data centers in Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

Reliability and Redundancy

If you cannot connect to your data center when you need to, you have a big problem. According to the Uptime Institute, power-related outages make up 43% of significant outages that cause downtime and financial loss.

At least one major disaster hits Texas every year. Severe storms, droughts, floods and tropical cyclones, wildfires, and even winter storms cause billions worth of damage annually. In addition, smaller events like power outages and localized weather events can cause significant downtime.

While you cannot control the weather or prevent disasters from striking, choosing a data center that provides redundant service just in case can help mitigate the impact of disasters.

The best cloud data centers are fully redundant facilities that have uninterrupted power and backup systems for power, cooling and other environmental requirements. Look for a data center that offers a service-level agreement with 100% uptime for power. You also want A/B diverse power feeds to the rack, automated failover and flexible power configurations.

The LOGIX Fort Worth data center provides best-in-class performance and reliability for high-density and high-availability solutions. The electrical power architecture includes redundant power sources and A/B diverse power for exceptional uptime.

Data Center Network Connectivity

When it comes to data center network connectivity, you want options. Look for carrier-neutral data center, enabling you to choose your fiber provider. This avoids lock-in to any particular vendor and allows you to add multiple carriers for even greater redundancy if you wish.

Carrier-neutral data centers also tend to provide greater cost efficiency and flexibility because customers can connect to multiple services. This flexibility makes it easier to create hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures.

The best data center companies will offer multiple ways to connect, such as:

  • Dedicated internet access.
  • Ethernet services, such as Metro Ethernet Forum 2.0 certified Ethernet services, Ethernet private line, Ethernet virtual private line or Ethernet local area network.
  • Wavelength for large data transfers.
  • Cloud connect for private, direct, secure access to cloud service providers.

LOGIX offers flexible data center network connectivity options at its colocation data centers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Houston, as well as more than 80 third-party data centers throughout the region.


The best data center companies will monitor your network 24/7 year-round to make sure that it is running efficiently and securely.

LOGIX operates a 24/7 year-round network operations center and provides friendly, Texas-based service and support.


You want a facility that tightly controls access, such as requiring biometric identification with strict access policies. Look for a colocation data center that offers dedicated cabinets, cages, and private suite options, such as those provided at the LOGIX Fort Worth cloud data center.

You may want data center services that include software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions with integrated security. For example, the LOGIX SD-WAN Secure solution includes a next-generation firewall, unified threat management, intrusion protection and antivirus options to protect your entire network. LOGIX SD-WAN Secure allows you to optimize the performance of WAN applications, dynamically manage traffic to prioritize real-time traffic, and deliver secure SD-WAN service to remote workers.

Complimentary Data Center RFP

There are estimates that more than half of all data center racks will be located off-premises by 2024. So finding the best data center company for your business is a critical task.  You can download a free data center request for proposal (RFP) template to help you make the right choice. By filling it out with your requirements and expectations, the RFP will contain the information data center companies need to give you an accurate quote and meet your needs.

Find the best data center company in Fort Worth. Call LOGIX today at 281-688-6283.