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How to Choose the Best Fiber-Optic Network Provider for Your Texas Business

When we talk about fiber, we’re actually talking about a whole bunch of optical fibers that are thinner than a human hair. Bundled together, these glass fibers can transmit light across vast distances. And when the lights pulse, they transmit the ones and zeros that make up data. Finding a Fiber-Optic Network Provider If you are looking for the best online experience, you should look for a fiber-optic network provider for business to ensure a faster, more reliable experience. Here are some important things to consider:
  • Dedicated fiber. When looking for a fiber-optic network provider for business, you should be aware that there are significant differences between companies. Not all companies can provide fiber connections – even if they claim that they can. They may have connections to fiber, but not a complete pathway. Look for a fiber-optic network provider that has dedicated connections. This gives you direct access to the switch that connects to the internet and will provide the fastest and most reliable connection.
  • Lightning-fast, scalable speeds. Fiber allows for blazing speeds to power your business. Consider the workload in your organization and how your employees and customers use the internet. Faster is better, but you will pay more for higher speeds. The good news is that fiber is very scalable. So if you need more speed or capacity as your business evolves, you can upgrade quickly.You will also want to make sure that you are getting symmetrical speeds – the same upload and download speeds. Some companies advertise fast speeds, but they only apply to downloads. If your organization does a lot of business in the cloud, low upload speeds can bottleneck your ability to send data. LOGIX provides fiber internet for business at symmetrical speeds of up to 10 Gbps on dedicated fiber.
  • Reliability. When deciding which fiber-optic network provider for business is right for you, focus as much attention on reliability as you do on speed and pricing. Downtime is a productivity killer and frustrates employees and customers. It is also expensive. In fact, a survey of Fortune 1000 companies revealed that the average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure is $100,000 per hour.At minimum, you need a fiber-optic network provider for business that provides a service-level agreement with at least 99.999% reliability. LOGIX puts uptime guarantees in writing and provides support through its Texas-based network operations center, which monitors network performance and security 24/7 year-round.
  • Customer service. When it comes to your business, you cannot afford poor customer service. Big national providers and residential cable companies are notorious for receiving a lot of customer complaints – particularly from business customers. Much of this is because their support centers are staffed by on-call operators who are located across the country, halfway around the world, or outsourced. This means that you will not get the level of support you need.LOGIX has a Texas-based service and support team to take care of all of your fiber-optic business needs.
  • Fiber network services for business. The best fiber-optic network provider for business should also be able to provide you with additional fiber network services, including:
    • Remote access. Even before COVID-19, more businesses were letting employees work from home or at remote locations. LOGIX’s business voice cloud service, a Voice over Internet Protocol solution, can serve as the communications backbone for remote employees and keep them connected to your business tools. A hosted private branch exchange enables everyone to work on the same system, and a unified communications system provides soft clients for voice and video calling, messaging and presence.
    • Private connectivity to cloud service. You need private and secure connections to mission-critical applications on the cloud. LOGIX provides private fiber network connections to major cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Google.
    • Secure data centers. Many businesses choose to use colocation data centers to house their equipment because they save money on infrastructure costs, security, redundancy and maintenance. LOGIX provides secure and cost-efficient colocation data centers throughout Texas and offers half or full cabinets, as well as private cages with biometric site access.
LOGIX Fiber Networks: Built for Business LOGIX has more than 300,000 fiber miles of internet connectivity throughout Texas that serves more than 3,000 enterprise buildings, 10,000 businesses, nearly 80+ third-party data centers and a rapidly expanding footprint statewide. With best-in-class network reliability, LOGIX provides internet speeds of up to 10 Gbps with fast response times and flexible options. If you are looking for fiber internet for business, Ethernet for business, business voice services and a fiber-optic network provider for business, LOGIX should be your first choice. Contact LOGIX by calling 1-888-505-6449, or request a quote.