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How Business Fiber Internet Delivers a Better Phone Experience Across Texas

We have all experienced those staticky phone calls, calls where the volume is low, lags in conversations caused by poor connections, or calls that drop out in the middle. When you are talking to customers or clients, these conditions make communication difficult and certainly do not reflect well on your business – especially if they happen often.

There are significant advantages to deploying Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for phone service, including saving money on phone bills. VoIP requires a reliable, high-speed internet connection to operate at peak performance, however.

By its nature, VoIP is susceptible to network congestion, which can lead to dropped calls, lags or echoes. Fiber internet for business is the solution. When you sign up for fiber network services for business with LOGIX Fiber Networks, you will get fiber business phone service, with the consistent, reliable high speeds you need for voice calls.

The Benefits of Fiber Business Phone Service

With fiber, you get the best voice quality for business phone service.

VoIP breaks down voice calls into small packets, which it sends across the internet to the person on the other end and then reassembles them. As conversations occur, these packets are uploaded and downloaded constantly. If there is a delay, it can affect the call quality.

Fiber internet for business manages these packets in real time – literally at the speed of light – as packets fly back and forth. You get smooth, high-quality calls on a fiber network.

Fiber network services for business are built to handle business phone service in several ways, including:

  • Symmetrical speeds. You get the same upload and download speeds with fiber business phone. Unlike other types of connections that cap, throttle or share upload connections, fiber maintains the consistent high speeds you need for real-time voice calling.
  • Low latency. Even the slightest delay during a call is noticeable. If you have experienced a frustrating phone call where there is a lag between when you speak and when the other person hears it, or where you end up talking over each other, it is probably because of latency issues.

How important is low latency? A study by IDC of global business leaders ranked latency as a higher priority than speed in today’s computing environment.

  • No sharing. If you are still using cable, digital subscriber lines,  or even fiber from some other major providers, you might be surprised to know that you are sharing your connection with others nearby. Sharing may result in several conditions that negatively impact your business, including slowdowns during peak hours, which can also impact call quality.
  • High quality of service (QoS). While QoS manages network traffic to prioritize VoIP calls and other real-time applications to avoid these problems, not every internet provider can consistently deliver the QoS you need to ensure high-quality phone calls.

Fiber allows you to optimize the performance of a software-defined wide area network, for example, for dynamic traffic routing and prioritization.

  • Immunity to electrical interference. Fiber internet for business uses tiny glass strands encased in the fiber to move data back and forth. Transmissions occur using light, which makes them immune to electrical and electromagnetic interference.

Other types of connections using copper or coax are susceptible to interference, which can lead to static on the line or dropped calls.

Choose LOGIX for Fiber Business Phone Service

With LOGIX Fiber Networks, you get symmetrical, synchronous speeds; consistent low latency to improve call quality; dedicated connections; and a high QoS, all built on the LOGIX network, the largest fiber network in Texas. With more than 300,000 fiber miles installed, connections to 3,000 enterprise buildings and more than 10,000 business customers throughout Texas, LOGIX is built for business.

With LOGIX, you also get reliable service. LOGIX service-level agreements include a 99.999% uptime guarantee, which means less than six minutes of downtime in an entire year. LOGIX also has multiple fiber rings in all the major Texas markets, a state-of-the-art core backbone and diverse Tier-1 internet peering points to provide the most dependable fiber service you can get.

A Texas-based Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors traffic on the fiber network 24/7, so if a problem occurs, it is identified and solved promptly. If you need help with your service, we have a Texas customer care center and technicians on call nearby. When you call, you will get friendly service from experts. Unlike some other providers, you will not get rude customer service or frustrating response times from LOGIX.

For the most reliable fiber business phone service and fiber internet for business in Texas, talk to the team at LOGIX Fiber Networks. Call 281-688-6231, or request a quote.