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The Business Internet and Phone Solutions that Texas Businesses Need

Can you imagine what would happen today if your business internet service went down? Your productivity would plummet, your employees would be frustrated, and you may lose contact with your customers.

You would have no access to the cloud and much of your data. There would be no way to conduct video calls within your infrastructure. If you have voice over Internet Protocol, you may not be able to make or receive voice calls either.

It is frightening to think about.

A survey of 3,000 IT decision-makers globally put the cost of just one hour of downtime in 2021 at an average of $84,650. Other surveys have put it well into the six-figure range. Either way, in today’s always-connected world, using business internet providers that offer anything less than the most reliable business internet is a significant risk.

The facts are clear. You need a reliable and resilient business internet and business phone solution to power your Texas business.

Business Internet

Not all business internet providers are the same. If you are using a national internet service provider, a cable company or a residential internet service provider, you are likely not getting the full benefit that business internet from LOGIX provides. You may be sharing resources with neighboring businesses or even residential neighborhoods, which is not ideal when you depend on fast and reliable internet service for your business.

Dedicated internet access from LOGIX provides dedicated fiber to your business; there is no sharing. You get the speeds you pay for without throttling or sharing the load.

LOGIX business internet provides lightning-fast symmetrical and scalable speeds. This means that you get the same fast upload and download speeds. Your business internet will accommodate simultaneous uploads and downloads – even during times of heavy internet traffic – without slowing down.

With a state-of-the-art core backbone, multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets and diverse tier-1 internet peering points, LOGIX provides an optimal network uptime of 99.999%. With a Texas-based network operations center and a Texas-based customer support team, you get 24/7 year-round monitoring for network security and performance.

Business Voice Cloud

The LOGIX Business Voice Cloud solution takes your business phone and unified communications to the cloud for greater flexibility and reduced maintenance. Many businesses choose to move to the cloud with a hosted private branch exchange (PBX) to replace their aging communication systems without having to use capital dollars to pay for equipment.

A hosted PBX extends a full suite of business phone services to all of your employees, regardless of where they work. Employees will get access to advanced calling features, such as call recording and contact center, instant messaging and presence, and real-time chat, whether using a desk phone, mobile phone or any device with a mobility app.

These features enable remote teams and at-home workers to access the same functionality as if they were working at their desks in the office.

Business Voice Cloud from LOGIX integrates with customer relationship management solutions and a variety of production applications, including Microsoft Teams. It makes high-definition video collaboration with multipoint video easy and enables virtual fax, voicemail transcriptions and auto-attendants.

To optimize your business internet and business phone solutions, you should also consider a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).


SD-WAN, along with a hosted voice service, ensures the highest quality of service for voice and business internet. Dynamic routing optimizes and prioritizes traffic on your network to ensure the best path routing for mission-critical applications. Your business phone and video will receive priority, thus reducing packet loss or latency issues that can negatively affect your calls.

SD-WAN connects enterprise branches, remote workers and end users securely and reliably to applications in the cloud or data centers. SD-WAN also provides other benefits for businesses, including:

  • Higher performance, reliability and resiliency for on-premises, brand and remote application use.
  • Fewer branch devices, which means lower recurring costs and reduced maintenance and management for IT teams.
  • A single management interface for consistent enforcement of security and network policies across your entire organization.
  • Faster site deployment and cloud migration.

SD-WAN with an integrated next-generation firewall (NGFW) can also simplify and enhance security.

LOGIX Fiber Networks: Your Business Internet and Phone Solutions Provider

LOGIX is the preferred business internet and phone solutions provider for more than 10,000 demanding businesses and provides fiber connections to more than 3,000 enterprise buildings and 105 data centers. These organizations know that they can depend on the LOGIX team to keep their business running.

Connect with the business internet and phone solutions experts at LOGIX today to get a quote.