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How to Choose Fast Business Internet in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio

If you are doing business in the Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio areas, how do you choose a company that provides fast and reliable business internet? When you search online for “business internet providers in my area”, you will find listings for cable companies, national business internet providers and more. Here are four things you should evaluate when comparing business internet providers. Reliability 61% of employees cite unreliable, inconsistent or slow internet speeds as the No. 1 complaint about their workplace. When there are technology problems to deal with, employees are less productive and have higher frustration levels. According to a study done by Unisys, such situations correlate with higher attrition rates because when employees are frustrated with a lack of technology resources at work, they are 450% more likely to want to quit. Fast speeds are important, but reliability should be the No. 1 priority on your list. If your business internet is not reliable, it can affect your employees as well as your customers. LOGIX delivers an industry-best 99.999% guaranteed uptime. Unlike national business internet providers and cable internet services, LOGIX staffs a network operations center in Texas with information technology technicians who monitor network traffic for performance and security. Texas sees its fair share of severe weather events. When hurricanes hit the Houston area, LOGIX stayed up and running. When tornadoes knocked out many telecoms and other providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, LOGIX business internet customers stayed connected the entire time. Network Your business internet is only as good as the network behind it. National business internet providers and cable and residential providers typically lease or share lines. This means that you are sharing your internet connection with neighboring businesses or homes. How they use the internet can impact your speed and reliability. LOGIX has 300,000 miles of its own fiber throughout Texas. That is enough fiber to stretch from New York to Los Angeles more than 100 times. LOGIX can also provide dedicated fiber to your business with robust and reliable business-class internet service. Service When an issue arises, you need help fast. If a company is listed in your search for “national business internet providers near me”, it does not mean that they are close by. Their support centers may be somewhere out of state, and the company may contract tech support out to a subcontractor. LOGIX customer care and technicians work for the company and are in Texas. So, when you have a problem, they answer the phone, and you receive friendly, fast and responsive service from fellow Texans. If you have worked with a residential service provider or one of the national business internet providers, you know how difficult it can be to contact someone who is experienced and knowledgeable to help when you have a problem. LOGIX understands that downtime puts your business at risk and makes taking care of your business a priority. Business Internet Services It is hard to imagine doing business these days without connecting to the cloud. In fact, research shows that 88% of organizations are using some form of cloud infrastructure, and nearly half of all companies (45%) expect to run 75% of their business operations in the cloud within the next year. Business internet providers need to able to do more than just give you a fast internet connection. They need to be able to provide you with a variety of options beyond basic business internet services. Here are just some of the services LOGIX provides:
  • Business Ethernet allows single or multiple locations on a robust network with low latency.
  • Cloud Connect lets you operate mission-critical applications on a private, secure and reliable fiber network with connections to any major cloud service provider, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google or Oracle.
  • Business Wavelength handles multiple data, voice and video applications in their native protocols. You can also rapidly scale services without any complex network management.
  • Business Voice provides enterprise-class business internet and VoIP phone service with calling features.
  • Business Voice Cloud provides cloud-based voice, unified communication and increased mobility with a hosted PBX.
  • Business Voice Trunks help you manage high-volume business phone line activity with multiple handoff options, including Session Initiation Protocol, Primary Rate Interface and T1.
Fast Business Internet in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio When it comes to the best internet service for business in Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio, the LOGIX built-for-business fiber network delivers the fast speeds and reliable services you need. How do you choose a fast business internet provider for your business?  By evaluating your options and considering LOGIX. Contact LOGIX by calling 281-688-6231, or request a quote.