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Free Data Center RFP Template to Evaluate Colocation Requirements

The number of business leaders who are opting to use colocation data centers instead of building and operating their own on-premise facility continues to increase.  A properly crafted data center RFP template can help you compare different data center options and reduce time, effort, and costs when searching for a data center provider. As you plan your move to a data center colocation facility, a data center request for proposal (RFP) template can help you compare, evaluate and decide on the options you need to meet your business requirements. Using a data center RFP template helps you thoroughly evaluate potential colocation data center providers and allows you to customize it to your specific business needs. These are the items a data center RFP template typically covers:
  • Colocation Data Center Provider Summary– Addresses company information to review and analyze the company’s experience and stability.
  • Facility & Property– Reviews the technical and design specs you need for different facilities.
  • Risk Analysis– Provides a list of critical information about the facility, location, history, and access to help you uncover potential “red flags.”
  • Data Center Space– Summarizes criteria to evaluate to ensure the provider can meet your current and future colocation needs as your business grows.
  • Network Services– Explains how to evaluate available network carriers to ensure you will have flexibility with your carriers.
  • Electrical/Cooling Specifications– Helps you compile the specifications you need to properly plan for power densities, redundancies, configurations, and cooling output.
  • Systems & Personnel– Reviews important questions you should ask regarding environmental and security monitoring systems and procedures.
  • Professional Services– Shows you how to research partnerships and services the provider offers that you might need now or in the future.
  • Pricing and Terms– Helps you understand key lease differences, look for hidden costs, and understand overall pricing options.
This data center RFP template draws on the collective experience of several data center industry experts and you can customize it to meet your company’s specific requirements.  Download it and use it to find the best data center provider for your organization.  And for a limited time, LOGIX is offering special deals for new customers on data center pricing, reduced Wavelength connectivity pricing, and a 90-day trial of LOGIX Cloud Connect to AWS, Azure, or Oracle Cloud.  Call 1-888-505-6449 or request a quote to learn more.