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Why Dedicated Fiber Internet for Business is Critical for Your Data Center Services in Texas

In the freight business, the faster you can get cargo from point A to point B, the more loads you can haul, and the more money you can make. Rather than take back roads or deal with city traffic, carriers stick to interstate highways and the most direct route possible, avoiding slowdowns and bottlenecks on the way from pickup points to warehouses.

The more congestion there is along the way, the slower the delivery, delaying packages and frustrating customers.

Now, think about your data center. If there is congestion on the route, poor traffic management or slowdowns, your data packages will not be delivered efficiently either. This is an even bigger problem than cargo delivery; most cargo traffic is one way while data center connections are two way, requiring multiple trips back and forth constantly.

Whether you are using an off-site data center in the cloud or a colocation data center, you must have consistent, reliable, high-speed connectivity to ensure the optimal utilization of your data center services and assets. That is the type of performance you can only get from dedicated fiber network services for business.

Dedicated fiber internet for business provides the infrastructure you need to ensure consistent connectivity for access to data center services in a public or private cloud environment.

Guaranteed Speeds

With dedicated fiber, you get the speeds you pay for. When you are using cable, DSL, coax or fiber from some providers, your speeds will fluctuate. Coax and copper have built-in limitations when it comes to speed. Some fiber providers used shared connections, which can lead to slowdowns during peak times and limit access to the data that you need.

Dedicated fiber means no sharing of the connection and guaranteed high speeds.

Symmetrical Speeds

Dedicated fiber also means that you get consistent speeds for uploads and downloads. These synchronous, symmetrical speeds are essential when moving data back and forth between your locations and data centers. You cannot afford to have a connection that caps or throttles uploads.

Low Latency

When accessing your  data center applications,  the time it takes between when you send that request and when you get it back is known as latency. Dedicated fiber gives you the lowest possible latency to avoid delays in data transmission.

Dedicated fiber is made up of thin pieces of glass, enclosed in a fiber casing that transmits data using light. It is the most efficient way of moving data, especially for real-time applications or microservices that are running at your data center.


Dedicated fiber network services for business come with service-level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee uptime and repair time in case of problems. With dedicated fiber internet for business, you get the connectivity you can depend on.

For example, LOGIX Fiber Networks guarantees 99.999% uptime, which means that you can expect less than five and a half minutes of downtime for an entire year.


Ensuring security in your data center is essential. Dedicated internet access gives you a direct pathway to your data on lines that are not shared by other customers, which means fewer potential points of failure.


When you have dedicated fiber connectivity, it is customizable to your needs. You can get the capacity you need with the option to scale up or scale down whenever you want. You get exactly what you are paying for, with the ability to change as your business needs evolve.

You Need Dedicated Fiber Internet for Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the migration of data, applications and services to the cloud. More than 90% of enterprises predict that cloud usage will exceed their pre-pandemic business plans. The increased adoption of services running in off-site data centers and the cloud, rather than on-premises, means that speeds and reliability are even more crucial than in years past.

Much of business today demands consistent, reliable, high-speed data center connectivity. Dedicated fiber internet for business is the best choice to avoid slowdowns, delays and lags so that you can take the most direct route to and from your data center.

LOGIX offers secure, highly available colocation and data center services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, and also connects 80+ third-party data centers over its 300,000-fiber-mile network. With LOGIX, you get best-in-class network connectivity on the largest fiber network in Texas, along with exceptional, fast service from a Texas-based enterprise that handles design, installation, management and support of your dedicated fiber internet.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today at 281-688-6231, or request a quote to learn how fiber network services for business guarantee maximum performance and utilization of your data center services.