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Why Dedicated Fiber Internet is Important for Medical Offices

The average health care firm uses as many as 900 different cloud-based services to stay connected to patients, providers, caregivers, insurance carriers and online platforms. With increased demand for collaboration, information sharing and privacy requirements, dedicated fiber from reliable business internet service providers provides quality patient care and helps you run your medical office efficiently.

What is Dedicated Fiber Internet?

Business internet providers offering dedicated fiber provide your medical office a direct connection to the internet. You get symmetrical speeds that deliver the same fast upload and download speeds no matter when you are online. In other words, you get the speeds you pay for.

When working with other business internet service providers, you may be getting shared connections; in other words, your speed and quality will vary depending on what your neighbors are doing at the moment.

Dedicated fiber is like having a private lane on a busy highway, reserved just for you. No matter what the other drivers are doing, you can travel comfortably at the speed you want.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Fiber for Medical Offices?

When you have a dedicated fiber connection, you get reliable, consistent and secure internet connectivity to manage sensitive and protected health information (PHI). Let’s break down the benefits.


Dedicated fiber from business internet providers is more reliable. With a service-level agreement (SLA), you get uptime and performance guarantees in writing. The best business internet service providers will guarantee 99.999% uptime.


You will also have better performance when it comes to latency, packet loss or jitter – which affects the quality of your connection – especially when using real-time applications such as VoIP, video calling or image analysis.

If you participate in telehealth, remote collaboration or consultation, or conduct voice or video chats with patients or partners, a dedicated connection will provide the most optimal performance.


With shared internet connections, your bandwidth and speeds will fluctuate. They may be fine at times but problematic at other times. Network congestion when you are in the middle of a consultation or crucial medical conversation can make your communication choppy. If you are discussing important health information, this can hinder communication and may reflect poorly on you.

With dedicated fiber for business, you get the same fast speeds consistently, even when the highway is crowded.


For medical offices, security is essential. You are bound by HIPAA and other regulations to maintain privacy for PHI, electronic PHI and other sensitive medical information. PCI DSS regulations require securing credit card information. Depending on how your practice is set up, there may be other governmental compliance requirements as well.

Besides compliance, you have a duty to keep patient information, medical records, treatment notes, images and other data accessible on your network private. Dedicated fiber creates a private connection to the internet that enhances the security and safety of your data.

The best way to counter security threats and maintain the highest levels of performance is to use dedicated fiber internet. You can also add necessary security controls such as SD-WAN and next-generation firewalls (NGFW) as part of a Secure Access Security Edge (SASE) solution.

Dedicated fiber is the most secure connection you can have. It meets or exceeds industry and compliance regulations for keeping medical information safe and private.


Dedicated fiber can grow as your medical offices grow. Once you have dedicated fiber installed, business internet providers can provide access to higher speeds or more connectivity quickly.

This scalability lets you choose the speeds and level of service you need right now without sacrificing the ability to upgrade when you expand. Fiber is virtually future-proofed, since it can support increasingly higher speeds than any other connection.

Choose LOGIX for Your Dedicated Fiber

LOGIX Fiber Networks is the largest independent fiber network provider in Texas, offering highly secure, fiber-based connectivity for data, voice and data center access for medical offices and health care organizations.

More than 10,000 customers and 700 Texas-based health customers have already chosen LOGIX as their business internet provider, with 300,000 fiber miles throughout Texas and connections to more than 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 80+ third party data centers.

LOGIX Fiber Networks offers the fastest, most reliable, and most secure internet connectivity for your medical office. Contact us today to request a quote.