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Direct Connect to Major Cloud Service Providers

Who benefits from using a direct connect service for accessing major cloud service providers?

Nearly every enterprise will benefit from a direct connection to the cloud. If you are storing your data or apps in the cloud, using hybrid environments, or working with large data sets, you will realize lucrative benefits such as the following:

  • Cloud access. Applications using real-time data, such as voice or video, require low latency for optimal performance. By bypassing the public internet, you avoid potential congestion for a more consistent experience.
  • Hybrid environments. A private connection provides a seamless experience for users, whether they are working with on-premises resources or in the cloud.
  • Large data sets. When you are using the public internet, you are competing for network resources with other customers. Your data may be routed in different paths each time you want to access it, which can cause slowdowns. A private connection sends data in a direct path for faster performance.

Connecting to the Cloud using AWS or Azure direct connect locations, for example, may also be necessary to help you satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements.

If you are using infrastructure-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service, a direct connection is essential. If you are combining on-premises resources, public cloud access and private cloud resources in a hybrid cloud environment, a direct connection enables you to take advantage of cloud bursting to free up more space and scale your computing needs when demand increases.

Commissioned by Megaport, the Forrester 2021 Cloud Connectivity Buyer’s Guide says that “… the network matters more than ever. No longer just a commodity, it has become the fabric of digital business.” When you are looking at a cloud connectivity partner, you need to choose wisely.

LOGIX provides private connections to all major cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud.

LOGIX Fiber Networks provides:

  • Private and secure network connections directly to cloud service providers.
  • A full range of speeds to align with your business needs and cloud service provider offerings.
  • Network service-level standards to ensure low latency and high-availability data delivery.

You get lightning-fast speeds; low latency for rapid response; and secure connections to your applications, data and cloud services to support your business.

Direct Connect with LOGIX Cloud Connect

With Cloud Connect from LOGIX, you bypass the public internet to help keep your data secure and create a more consistent network experience. If you need bandwidth-heavy workloads, direct connections may also reduce your network costs. When using direct connect, for example, most cloud service providers bill at a discounted transfer rate that is less than public internet data transfer rates.

You can connect to any major cloud service provider:

  • AWS Direct Connect.
  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute: Azure Direct Connect.
  • Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect.
  • Oracle Cloud FastConnect.

LOGIX Fiber Networks already provides dedicated fiber to more than 3,000 enterprise buildings throughout Texas and serves more than 10,000 businesses. With more than 300,000 miles of fiber installed throughout the state and multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets, LOGIX provides 99.999% availability.

LOGIX also has network connectivity to more than 105 data centers in Texas and operates four of its own data centers in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. LOGIX data centers are carrier-neutral, enabling you to build in redundancy using LOGIX and other third-party carriers.

With a direct connection to any of the major cloud service providers, with LOGIX you get the fastest and most reliable business internet you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today to request a quote or learn how you can benefit by taking advantage of AWS and Azure Direct Connect Locations.