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Do Your Remote Employees Struggle to Manage the Technology They Use?

When the work world changed and employees were suddenly working from home, few companies were prepared. In the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, employers and employees quickly found that they did not have everything they needed to work effectively and productively. Workers relied on home computers, slow internet connections and a variety of free software to stay connected and keep business on track. But competing technology often led to frustration and a loss of productivity. More tech-savvy employees devised workarounds, but many were unable to work effectively. This slowed down business and irritated employees as well as information technology (IT) support teams. Even those who could handle basic things like email (and who learned to use collaboration tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams) struggled to get up to speed on more sophisticated tools they needed to do their work. The companies that were able to adapt the quickest were those using hosted private branch exchange (PBX) and unified communications because they enable all employees to stay connected regardless of what device they are using or where they are. In short, they could work the same way at home that they did in the office. How Hosted PBX Works for Remote Employees Hosted PBX manages calls and functionality in the cloud. Advanced features that were previously only available in the office are now accessible to employees working remotely. One Phone System for Everyone A hosted PBX enables employees to access company information and systems from wherever they’re working using soft clients (or apps) installed on their computers and cellphones. They remain connected to the corporate phone system when making or receiving calls, and customers can continue to call office phone numbers. Hosted PBX also eliminates the need to switch between different devices or systems for voice or video calls or file sharing. Increased Security When everyone uses company assets, it becomes easier for IT teams to manage the infrastructure. But only 52% of employees working remotely use company devices. Hosted PBX enables greater control over security because employees are working within your environment and can securely connect to web browsers and servers. Business voice from LOGIX uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol, which allows devices to communicate over the internet without the transmission being vulnerable to intruders. This level of security is required for businesses that process credit card transactions or handle health care information covered by federal privacy laws, but it is important for all types of businesses. And it is standard with business voice from LOGIX. How Unified Communications Works for Remote Employees When workers first start working from home, communication is one of the biggest obstacles because they need to learn how to locate information and connect with co-workers. When employees are using different and unfamiliar systems and software, they may miss important communications altogether. Unified communications and conferencing tools can solve many communication concerns. When everybody is working off of the same platform, has access to the same set of tools, and can communicate quickly and efficiently, it significantly increases performance and eases a lot of frustration. For managers, staying connected with remote workers is essential. Almost half of workers surveyed said they rarely heard from their manager while working from home. Managers at the most successful companies check in frequently with remote workers. And employees say they want that level of interaction and prefer working in an environment that offers easy ways to connect. Hosted PBX protects an employee’s privacy because it eliminates the need to use personal numbers for business. A unified communications solution ensures that all calls are made and received through a business phone number. Collaboration Tools Only 13% of remote workers report having access to collaboration tools. Yet with more employees working from home, collaboration among workers is more important than ever. A cloud-based phone system through LOGIX includes combined unified communications tools such as soft clients for voice and video calling, messaging, and call forwarding, and a complete solution combines unified communications with conferencing and advanced collaboration tools such as screen and document sharing. LOGIX Fiber Networks – Built for Business It makes a difference when you work for a company that uses a fiber network that’s built for business. LOGIX Fiber Networks is the provider for more than 10,000 of the most demanding Texas businesses, connects 265,000 fiber miles of business internet, and provides prompt local service and support. LOGIX also provides hosted PBX, unified communications and collaboration tools to keep remote employees connected and working productively in a secure environment. Let LOGIX ease the struggle for your remote employees with a more efficient technology solution. Talk to a LOGIX expert today by calling 281-288-6283, or request a quote.