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Does Your Business Phone Service Integrate with Webex? It Can Now.

According to Cisco, Webex supports more than 39 million cloud users and connects more than 8 billion calls each month. While Microsoft Teams and Zoom may have gotten more media attention lately, Webex remains a vital tool for businesses of all sizes.

LOGIX Fiber Networks provides stellar, reliable business phone service that integrates fully with Webex to provide cloud calling, advanced messaging and meeting capabilities.

LOGIX and Webex: Your Ultimate Collaboration Experience

LOGIX is the largest independent fiber provider in Texas, with best-in-class reliability and exceptional service from Texas-based employees. Dedicated and secure business phone service over the LOGIX fiber network delivers crystal-clear quality and high reliability. With Webex, you get a cloud-based application that empowers your team to work together, regardless of location.

LOGIX and Webex provide a comprehensive suite of tools in a secure, easy-to-use platform. Capabilities include:

  • Voice.
  • High-definition (HD) video.
  • Messaging.
  • Conferencing.
  • File and screen sharing.
  • Collaboration tools.

Voice and Video

LOGIX provides a secure voice and video calling platform so that you can confidently conduct business using standard or advanced features.


Instantly send direct chat messages to internal and external team members using features such as @ mentions and emojis. You can also track messages with threaded support and enable group chats to keep your team connected.

Conferencing and Screen Sharing

Easily host or join secure HD audio or video meetings on connected devices in a secure environment. Share your desktop, applications or files during meetings, or open a virtual whiteboard to brainstorm and capture ideas.

Collaboration Tools

LOGIX and Webex allow you to create a virtual workspace to collaborate one-on-one or as a team. Chat, meet, share and link your productivity apps within a virtual space to keep your work organized and ensure that everything is accessible to your team members or contacts.

LOGIX and Webex: Advanced Features

Whether you are looking to upgrade your small business phone service or replace your legacy enterprise phone system, LOGIX and Webex provide a variety of advanced features. You can:

  • Seamlessly move calls from desktop to mobile devices with no interruption.
  • Access corporate directories.
  • Customize notifications to avoid interruptions during critical times.
  • Use smart presence awareness so that you know when colleagues are available.
  • View messages and listen to voicemails even without a data connection.
  • Collaborate with external stakeholders by adding them directly to virtual spaces.
  • Handle two calls simultaneously or instantly merge them into a three-way conversation.

You also get key meeting features to make collaboration easier. For example, you can quickly schedule a meeting in advance or create an on-the-fly discussion for everyone in your virtual space with a single click. You can easily share your screen, documents or apps without additional downloads or other collaboration apps.

If you are looking for specific information or need to find something, you can effortlessly search across your spaces, people, messages and files to access what you need within the platform.

You can connect and share wirelessly to a Webex board, desk or room device. Webex also provides enhanced noise disruption, featuring advanced noise removal and speech enhancement to ensure that everyone can hear the audio.

With LOGIX Business Voice Cloud’s Collaborate and Complete packages, you can create private, secure online meeting rooms with a dedicated phone number for audio, HD video and messaging.

You can also add additional features, such as short message service text messaging, Microsoft Teams for Webex meetings, integration with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, remote desktop control, recordings, and transcriptions.

When you combine LOGIX with Webex, you get a comprehensive set of business tools to support your organization. LOGIX provides reliable business internet connectivity and business phone service; Webex extends these collaboration capabilities to offer improved productivity.

According to TechValidate, adding Webex improves productivity in several ways, including 86% shorter and more effective meetings and 83% faster decision-making. And 90% of users report improved team collaboration.

A Comprehensive Business Collaboration Solution

A reliable business internet, business phone service, and collaboration suite provides the infrastructure and tools for your business to compete effectively and efficiently. Regardless of where your team members are working or where your customers are, you can connect seamlessly with a powerful set of tools to discuss, share and brainstorm.

Do you want to improve your collaboration and productivity with the power of Webex and LOGIX Fiber Networks? Contact us to request a quote today.