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Enabling a Mobile Workforce During a Pandemic

There is no question that the coronavirus is disrupting numerous aspects of daily life across the country and prompting widespread concern as officials work to contain the outbreak. For those affected by the virus, it can be a devastating matter. For companies in Texas and across the country, operating in a business-as-usual manner may no longer be an option. It is critical that business leaders develop plans to cope with the impacts of the pandemic by protecting employees and optimizing mobile business practices. By leveraging technology solutions for employee and customer communication, leaders can help businesses and employees remain productive and connected during a time of disruption. In Texas, Indeed has instructed employees to work from home until further notice, while Plano-based Toyota North America has restricted nonessential overseas travel. These companies and others must find a way to continue operating.  However, maintaining reliable communication, both internally and externally, is arguably the most important aspect to keeping your businesses operating smoothly. In addition to collaboration tools like chat systems and video conferencing, a cloud-based phone system can support advanced technical capabilities, remote collaboration tools and a truly mobile workforce. LOGIX recently published a new executive report examining the top reasons that compel businesses to choose phone service in the cloud. The report, titled “10 Reasons Why Companies are Moving Their Business Phone Service to the Cloud,” shares a number of benefits associated with a cloud-based phone system, including cost savings, increased call reliability and quality. Click here to learn more about how the hosted PBX and VoIP experts at LOGIX can prepare your business for the unexpected.