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How to Ensure Tools Remote Employees Use Are Secure

Having employees work from home changes the equation when it comes to security and productivity. Letting them connect to your business network from home puts your business at risk unless you implement a robust business internet solution and hosted private branch exchange (PBX). It also hurts productivity if employees cannot access the information and tools they need to do their work. Remote Work Increases Vulnerability Video conferencing has evolved from a tool for techies to a business tool that just about everyone uses. However, it presents many security concerns. In fact, the FBI issued a warning a few months ago about Zoom, a popular video conferencing tool, because hackers were joining video calls uninvited and spreading hate speech and pornography. The number of phishing attempts that target at-home workers also increased. More than half of companies surveyed said they never stress-tested their systems for such a rapid move to remote work because no one anticipated that it would be needed. This left systems vulnerable because employees were working on their own devices on an unsecured home network, possibly with other family members online as well. A More Secure Solution By using hosted PBX from LOGIX, businesses can create a secure connection between web browsers and servers. LOGIX uses a cryptographic protocol called Transport Layer Security (TLS). Other platforms, such as Zoom, use TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1, versions known to be vulnerable to security breaches. LOGIX uses the TLS 1.2 protocol, which is significantly more secure. With LOGIX’s hosted PBX and business internet solutions, you can be assured of enhanced security and the peace of mind that goes along with using a secure communication system hosted on a built-for-business fiber network. Privacy During Calls LOGIX provides additional security measures such as allowing moderators to assign authorization levels that are required to enter conference calls. A tone sounds when someone joins so everyone knows if someone new is on the line. Sessions do not start until the moderator joins and end when the meeting owner hangs up. Privacy During Video Conferencing LOGIX can provide unified communications tools that automatically allow credentialed employees to join video conferences but require outsiders to request access to participate. This prevents unauthorized intruders. For both voice and video calls, you can decide whether participants can share links to the meeting. And everything takes place on a secure fiber network provided by LOGIX. Productivity Challenges for Remote Workers Working at home has its own set of challenges. Dogs, cats and children may cause interruptions. You might find yourself distracted when a package is delivered, or think you can multitask and do chores. The biggest productivity killer for remote workers, however, is when they cannot access the tools they need to do their job efficiently. This includes easy access to company resources such as network servers, data centers and collaboration tools. The sudden increase in the number of remote employees is straining the resources of residential, cable and national internet service providers – and many have struggled to meet the increased demand. Slow connection speeds and a lack of access to company resources can be frustrating for employees who are used to fast network speeds at work from business internet providers. A hosted PBX provides the same functionality for at-home workers that it does for those in the office. Employees working from home can access the same resources as if they were at their desks in the office by using hosted PBX and soft clients. They can use their home internet system to connect to the company network; once they are in the system, they can connect to remote servers, data centers and other resources over the company’s business internet. Communication is important when managing remote workers. So having tools that both enable and foster collaboration is key. With unified communications and complete unified communications, conferencing and collaboration, all communication channels are consolidated on a single platform. When an employee needs to access account information, open an application or download a file from the network, it can all occur on a single platform just as if they were working in the office. And they can complete these tasks while working from home or anywhere else. Your employees can handle customer needs the same way they normally do – securely and productively. Customers will not even notice a difference when they call or connect with your employees. LOGIX is consistently rated a top business internet provider because it provides hosted PBX service to handle local, long-distance and international calling and standard business PBX features in the cloud. When coupled with robust business internet and unified communications tools, LOGIX’s solutions help your remote employees stay connected in a secure and productive environment. Request a quote from LOGIX today and see how built-for-business internet can help your company.