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How to Get the Fastest and Most Reliable Business and Internet Phone Service in Texas

In the Employee Workplace Technology Survey 2022, 37% of employees said that slow network connectivity in their office was their biggest frustration.

The demand for fast and reliable business internet and business phone services in Texas is growing. More work is being done in the cloud every day. As companies migrate more data, services and applications to the cloud as part of their digital transformation, everything relies on fast and reliable internet to get the job done.

As more employees return to the office, network traffic is also expanding. Employees who are used to working remotely are doing even more work online and engaging in more video calls, regardless of where they work. Internet speeds need to keep up.

Slow or unreliable business internet, poor quality phone calls or inconsistent videoconferencing can impact employee productivity and hurt your business reputation. When everything takes longer, employees, customers and stakeholders get frustrated.

Frustration is a productivity killer, and it can also cause employee turnover. One of the major reasons people cited for why they quit their job was frustration with computers, networks and internet connections that did not allow them to work efficiently.

LOGIX Fiber Networks is the answer if you are looking for the fastest and most reliable business internet services in Texas. LOGIX operates Texas’ most extensive independent fiber network, serving more than 10,000 businesses.

LOGIX makes it easy for you to bundle business internet and business phone by combining the fastest and most reliable fiber network in Texas with LOGIX Business Internet and Business Voice Cloud.

The LOGIX Business Internet and Business Voice Cloud Bundle

The LOGIX Business Internet and Business Voice Cloud bundle offers three tiers depending on the size of your business:

  • Business Voice Cloud Collaborate Bundle 10. Business Voice Cloud with 10 seats plus Business Internet at 500 MB or 1 GB.
  • Business Voice Cloud Collaborate Bundle 15. Business Voice Cloud with 15 seats plus Business Internet at 500 MB or 1 GB.
  • Business Voice Cloud Collaborate Bundle 25. Business Voice Cloud with 25 seats plus Business Internet at 500 MB or 1 GB.

LOGIX can provide speeds as high as 10 Gbps if you require faster service.

Business Internet Services in Texas

With Business Internet from LOGIX, you get the fastest and most reliable internet access on a fiber network, including:

  • A state-of-the-art core backbone.
  • Symmetrical, scalable speeds.
  • Multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets.
  • Diverse Tier-1 internet peering points.

All of this provides reliable, redundant connectivity for optimal uptime. LOGIX also operates a Texas-based Network Operations Center (NOC) that monitors internet services 24/7 year-round for performance and security. That is why LOGIX can guarantee 99.999% uptime, backed by a service-level agreement (SLA).

Business Phone Services in Texas

LOGIX Business Voice Cloud provides a powerful, hosted private branch exchange for a comprehensive, unified communications solution. This allows companies to modernize their business phone service without investing money in an on-prem hardware solution.

LOGIX Business Voice Cloud includes:

  • 30 standard features, as well as access to advanced collaboration features
  • Instant messaging, real-time chat, and presence.
  • High-definition video collaboration.
  • Integration with customer resource management tools and other productivity applications.

You can originate phone calls from your desk phone, computer, mobile phone, or any connected device using the Webex app.

LOGIX Business Voice Cloud also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams for virtual faxing, voicemail transcription, auto-attendant, call recording, and contact center.

Do Not Settle for Slow Internet or Poor Customer Service

There is no reason to settle for poor business internet or phone service from big national providers or cable companies. When you switch to LOGIX Fiber Networks, you can eliminate slow internet connections and response times, frustrating downtime, and poor customer service.

LOGIX operates a contact and support center in Texas that provides fast and friendly service. If there is a problem, LOGIX has local technicians on call.

If you are looking for the fastest, most reliable business internet services in Texas and the best business phone services in Texas, your solution is LOGIX Fiber Networks.

To learn more about bundling your business internet and business phone, contact LOGIX at 281-688-6231, or request a quote online.