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Fiber Wavelength: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Constructing, Lighting, and Managing Dark Fiber

Does your internet service struggle to manage large data transfers between locations and data centers?

LOGIX Business Wavelength creates a private connection dedicated to your business that can handle large amounts of data transfers at ultra-high speeds in a secure environment. Wavelength service provides a point-to-point private network that protects your data as it travels between your locations and data centers.

Business Wavelength is built to accommodate growing traffic demands for today’s cloud services and high-bandwidth applications. The LOGIX Fiber Networks Business Wavelength service provides a high-capacity network connection that can carry any business applications cost-effectively with low latency.

Dark Fiber vs. Managed Fiber Wavelength

If you are thinking about using dark fiber or fiber wavelength service, you should know the differences.

Dark fiber requires you to light it up and manage everything. Fiber wavelength is already lit, and your fiber network provider will manage it for you.

Companies that need high-capacity connectivity and want as much control over connectivity as possible use dark fiber. By constructing and lighting up dark fiber, you can use your own equipment and have multiple protocols running at whatever bandwidth makes sense for your business. If you want to change something up, you do it yourself. If there is a problem, you have to manage that yourself too.

Managing your own fiber also requires investing in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) equipment for each end of the fiber and monitoring the traffic yourself. WDM allows you to send multiple signals at different wavelengths using light through fiber. WDM increases the number of signals, or waves, that can be sent simultaneously without affecting directional communication over a single fiber strand.

With fiber wavelength service, you get the advantages of using dark fiber without the added expense or management responsibility. With multimode fiber wavelength, you can still run multiple protocols at the same time, but you do not need to make the capital expense upfront or manage the network. Your fiber wavelength provider will handle that for you.

Another way to save costs using fiber wavelength service is by avoiding overcapacity. You may not need the entire capacity of the dark fiber or the number of wavelengths you can create. With fiber wavelength, you pay for the capacity you need right now, but you always have the option to increase bandwidth or speeds at a later date. You do not need to pay for excess capacity you may never use, but you are future-proofing your network to evolve if your business needs change.

With LOGIX Business Wavelength, you will also get the advantage of dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM). DWDM uses tighter spacing between wavelengths, which allows you to send more data over longer distances with less degradation.

LOGIX Business Wavelength provides a full range of options for speeds up to 100 Gbps. With flexible network architecture options, including multiple connections and diverse routing, LOGIX supports load sharing with multiple point-to-point connections.

LOGIX Business Wavelength provides dedicated, full bandwidth between locations to ensure network redundancy and business continuity.

The Benefits of Fiber Wavelength Service

Multimode fiber wavelength provides all of the features of dark fiber with the ease of a managed service, including:

  • Low latency. Multiple routes between locations and markets.
  • Security. Private, fully dedicated connectivity ensures high security.
  • Diverse wave options. Load sharing and diversely routed fibers enable redundancy and business continuity.
  • Flexibility. LOGIX Business Wavelength can be used with Optical Transport Network, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy/Synchronous Optical Networking and Ethernet interfaces.
  • Full management. Proactive monitoring ensures high availability and optimal uptime.
  • Independence. Fiber wavelength service connects to geographically diverse points on the network and does not conflict with other traffic.

Bandwidth needs are exploding, with more business happening in the cloud (particularly video streaming and collaboration) and the rollout of 5G mobile networks. LOGIX Business Wavelength employs managed waves to serve customers who need high bandwidth, reliable performance and a cost effective networking solution.

With LOGIX Business Wavelength, you can move large volumes of data quickly between locations and data centers. Multiple applications, including data, voice and video, can run over a single fiber wavelength. At the same time, LOGIX will handle the complex task of management.

You also get 99.999% uptime as part of the LOGIX service-level agreement, which is backed by a Texas-based network operations center monitored 24/7 year-round for performance and security. If you do experience a problem, there is a Texas-based customer support team and local technicians nearby to help.

LOGIX Fiber Networks has more than 300,000 fiber miles installed throughout Texas, including connections to more than 3,000 enterprise buildings, over 105 data centers and 10,000 of the most demanding businesses.

LOGIX Business Wavelength is a robust, high-bandwidth solution that securely and easily handles your largest data payloads. To learn more about business wavelength, contact LOGIX to discuss your needs.