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How Does VoIP Work as a Business Phone Service?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has changed how modern businesses operate. Given the availability of high-speed internet and the simplicity of using VoIP, organizations can communicate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP converts and compresses your voice into a digital signal and uses the internet to send it in digital packets. The digital data is uncompressed on the receiving end so that you can hear the audio. This process happens instantly. In between, business phone service providers take care of the routing and connectivity, so you can make and receive calls as you did with a traditional phone line or on your mobile phone.

With a reliable high-speed fiber internet connection for your business phone and internet service, you will not notice any lag time or delay.

VoIP Business Phone Service

Setting up VoIP for business is relatively simple, for companies of all sizes. Once you find the best business phone service provider and have reliable business internet service, your provider will handle most of the setup and walk you through the rest. You can retain your current phone numbers or get new ones.

Cloud-Hosted PBX

With an on-premises private branch exchange (PBX), you have to manage the infrastructure and maintenance costs and may not have access to advanced calling features.

A hosted PBX handles all of the routing and switching in the cloud and does not require hardware or software installations on-site. With a hosted PBX, you do not need a physical PBX or have to worry about the wiring and infrastructure. Your business phone service provider will handle any maintenance.

You can use your existing handsets with an adapter and use connected devices like laptops, desktop computers or IP handsets. Mobility smartphone apps can also extend VoIP functionality to mobile phones.

10 Benefits of VoIP Business Phone Service

Switching or upgrading your business phone service to a top-tier VoIP provider like LOGIX Fiber Networks provides 10 significant benefits, including:

  • Lower phone costs. Compared to a traditional phone service, it is common to see savings of 50% on monthly bills and operating expenses when switching to VoIP.
  • Advanced calling features. VoIP on a hosted PBX enables dozens of calling features, such as call recording, instant messaging and presence, call reporting, and voicemail to text.
  • Seamless integration. VoIP business phone services integrate with your customer relationship management software and most productivity apps.
  • Call quality. High-definition codecs provide higher call quality than traditional copper lines.
  • Call security. End-to-end encryption prevents eavesdropping.
  • Mobility. Employees can work from anywhere on connected devices and have the same features and functionality as when they are working in the office.
  • Unified communications. The right VoIP solution will enable unified communications, including voice and video calling, file sharing, collaboration tools, and integration with tools like Microsoft Teams.
  • Scalability. VoIP systems are easy to scale. You can either call your provider or make adjustments to your cloud interface. Scale up or down as your business needs evolve without needing an on-site technician.
  • Reliability. With the right business phone and internet service provider (like LOGIX), you get exceptional reliability, monitoring and support.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery. If there is a power outage or disaster, you can reroute business phones to mobile phones and keep working. Because your data is hosted off-site, you still have access to your phone data.

LOGIX is a leading business phone and internet service provider in Texas. With years of experience and the largest independent fiber network in the state, LOGIX has everything you need to modernize your communication.

LOGIX has bundled communications solutions to meet your business needs, with the flexibility to customize a solution for your business. VoIP business phone services are available on a per-seat model, meaning that you only pay for what you need. However, you can easily scale as your business grows.

When you combine VoIP with LOGIX Business Internet, you get 99.999% uptime on the most reliable internet in Texas. LOGIX also operates a 24/7 year-round network operations center in Texas to monitor your connectivity for performance and security. A Texas-based customer support team is available and ready to help if you need assistance.

Contact LOGIX, the leading business phone and internet service provider in Texas, at 281-688-6231 or request a quote.