How LOGIX Became the Top Fiber-Optic Network Provider for Business in Texas

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Whether it’s email, text or voice through VoIP, the internet has quickly become the primary channel for business communications.  Nearly every aspect of a business has integrated cloud connectivity, data access and storage.  Businesses buy, sell, monitor, track, analyze, evaluate, advertise and engage with customers online.

The internet is so ubiquitous that it is easy to take for granted that it will just be there when you need it.  But if you’ve experienced downtime, you know that it can create chaos for your business, employees and customers.

LOGIX Fiber Networks became the top fiber-optic network provider for business in Texas by recognizing how vital this connection is for businesses.  Combining fast, reliable and secure fiber with exceptional customer service and a human touch, LOGIX is the preferred fiber-optic network provider to more than 10,000 businesses across Texas.  This network includes small businesses up to some of the biggest organizations in the state.  LOGIX provides affordable dedicated internet for companies and high-bandwidth fiber for data-intensive operations.

LOGIX is the Top Fiber-Optic Network Provider for Business in Texas

LOGIX is the largest privately held fiber network in the state of Texas.  It starts with building a robust backbone spanning 280,000 miles of fiber; connecting 3,000 enterprise buildings; and operating in over 100 data centers.

A network operations center (NOC) in Texas is staffed 24/7 year-round with IT, network and security professionals to monitor network speeds and throughput.  The customer care center is also staffed 24/7 year-round to deal with any problems that might arise.

LOGIX delivers 99.999% or better uptime and guarantees this uptime in service level agreements (SLAs).  As a fiber-optic network provider built for business, LOGIX offers scalable bandwidth with low latency and lightning-fast speeds on its dedicated network.  Customers can opt for speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps or higher.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is a major point of difference for LOGIX Fiber Networks customers.  If you need help, you won’t be talking to someone that’s in another country or halfway across the country.  You’ll get a Texas-based representative on the phone.  LOGIX takes pride in working in a consultative manner with customers to help them navigate their questions and their service. LOGIX provides the highest quality service, but unlike its national competitors, the service is simply a better value.

The district sales manager in Fort Worth for LOGIX said the secret is simple – it is “Taking good care of customers, giving them the products they want and need, and supporting those products,” he said. “We understand that relationships matter and work to cultivate them.  For example, we develop relationships with property managers in enterprise buildings.  That lets us do installs and turn-ups more quickly and easier.

“We hear from customers all the time who were working with one of the big-name providers and they were frustrated,” he added. “They weren’t getting the right level of service and support. They moved to LOGIX and now they’re happy.”

A Full Suite of Business Products

LOGIX provides an assortment of products to increase the efficiency of businesses. As a business leader, you’re always looking at the bottom line and trying to control every single cost.  LOGIX’s full suite of tech products lets you pick and choose the services you need for your organization, including:

LOGIX Fiber Networks: Built for Business
LOGIX is the top fiber-optic network provider for business in Texas.

Get a quote today and see what LOGIX can do for your business.