Why LOGIX Offers the Best Business Internet in Houston

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Today, business operates at the speed of the internet. With more and more business occurring in the cloud, downtime or slow service are big problems and can cost you in lost sales revenue and decreased productivity.

According to Amazon, a 1-second delay in on its website could cost the company $1.6 billion in sales annually, and if Google search results are delayed just four-tenths of a second, they lose 8 million searches per day. While your business might not be as speed-sensitive as Amazon or Google, fast, reliable business internet service is essential to your ability to serve your customers and manage your business.

The Best Business Internet in Houston

When researching business internet providers in Houston, you’ll find that there are plenty of companies to consider. Many will promise you the best price and service, but few can deliver the consistent quality that you need. In Houston, the best business internet provider is LOGIX, the most reliable internet service provider for businesses throughout Texas.

More than 10,000 businesses have chosen LOGIX as their preferred provider, including some of the biggest names in business. LOGIX connects more than 3,000 enterprise buildings and 100 data centers throughout Texas with more than 280,000 miles of its own fiber to provide a redundant and efficient business internet solution.

When evaluating business internet providers in Houston, here are the key factors you should consider:

  • Reliability and uptime.
  • Fast connection speed.
  • Additional service options.
  • Local support and service.

Reliability and Uptime

Unlike national internet providers and cable companies, LOGIX operates its network operations center in Texas, with a team of information technology professionals who monitor network internet traffic for performance and security 24/7 year-round. This is why LOGIX can deliver an industry-leading 99.999% guaranteed uptime.

LOGIX built its networks to withstand extreme weather conditions that can occur in Texas. When a hurricane hit Houston, LOGIX customers stayed connected while many telecommunications providers experienced downtime. When tornadoes swept through the Dallas/Fort Worth area, LOGIX was one of the few services not disrupted.

Fast Connections

With a variety of speed options such as 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps, 500 Mbps and gigabit speeds 10 Gbps and higher, the LOGIX fiber-optic network is fast enough for even the most demanding company’s tech specs.

LOGIX provides high bandwidth and low latency to deliver optimal performance. Speeds are symmetrical for business internet in Houston, which means that you get the same speed for downloads and uploads. This is important for fast access to the cloud, and to support networks and resource-intensive computing.

The Services You Need

LOGIX provides reliable business internet with lightning-fast speeds that can handle all of your communications needs. You can bundle services to save money and eliminate the need to work with a variety of vendors. The company offers:

Local Service

LOGIX provides Fortune 500 service with a personal approach. LOGIX’s service centers and support teams are in Texas. If you have a problem, you can reach an actual person on the phone. If you contact one of the big national internet providers, you may sit on hold for a long time and will most likely deal with a call center in another state, or even another country.

You can easily contact your account manager on the phone, and if you ever have a problem with your Houston business internet billing or service, you can get answers promptly because someone is always available 24/7 year-round.

Local Business Internet in Houston

LOGIX offers flexible business internet connectivity options customized to your requirements. The company delivers service through a fully dedicated business fiber network that’s scalable as your business needs evolve. It is Metro Ethernet Forum-compliant and can support basic business internet, Ethernet private line, Ethernet virtual private line, point-to-point services and Ethernet Local Area Network multipoint services.

Fast service, fast connection speeds, economical service options, and local support and service with a human touch equal the best business internet in Houston. Contact LOGIX today for a quote.