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How to Get the Most Reliable Fiber Business Internet

When you and your employees go online, you do not want to worry about whether you have a slow connection or clear voice or video calling. You just want it to work; you just want to get the level of service you are paying for. Your customers expect the same.

Whether you are an enterprise-level business, a small business or a mid-sized business, you need fast, reliable business internet to work efficiently. This has become increasingly important as more businesses migrate services to the cloud, and remote, hybrid and distributed work teams become more commonplace

Downtime is Frustrating

Downtime is frustrating and costly, so you cannot afford to work with a fiber internet service provider that does not provide the most reliable service you can get.

In Texas, that means working with LOGIX Fiber Networks. LOGIX is the largest independent provider of fiber internet for business, with 300,000 miles of installed fiber connecting 3,000 enterprise buildings. LOGIX serves 10,000 businesses, including some of the largest and most demanding organizations in Texas.

These businesses choose LOGIX because of exceptional reliability and service, backed by optimal uptime, throughput and performance, along with Texas-based customer service and support.

99.999% Uptime

LOGIX provides the gold standard in fiber internet for business, with five nines of uptime (99.999%). Built on a state-of-the-art core and using multiple fiber rings in major metropolitan areas, along with diverse Tier-1 internet peering points and dedicated fiber connectivity between all major Texas markets, you can rely on LOGIX to keep your business running at speed.

24/7 Year-Round Network Monitoring

LOGIX also operates a Texas-based network operations center that monitors the network for performance and security 24/7 year-round. Constant monitoring allows technicians to identify, diagnose and remediate problems fast.

Monitoring is the key to reliability, allowing technicians to quickly spot any anomalies. Trained engineers aided by software monitoring can spot trends that indicate potential problems, fixing them in many cases before you would ever see a disruption. With continuous monitoring of hardware, software, switches and routing across the LOGIX fiber network, LOGIX keeps businesses running at full speed.

Fast, Friendly Customer Service and Support

When you have an issue or a question, LOGIX provides fast, friendly service and support. Customer support teams are local and knowledgeable. You can avoid the frustrating experience of not being able to reach someone, getting put on hold for long periods, or being passed around until you find someone that can help.

If there is a concern, LOGIX has someone here in Texas to help, and technicians nearby in metropolitan areas to deal with anything requiring a resolution.

Reliability and Quality

Reliable business internet also means that you get the quality of service you are paying for. Some business internet providers advertise fast speeds but then throttle or cap uploads.

Some providers also share connectivity with nearby business or residential customers, meaning that your service could be affected by how many people are online at any time. This is common with cable companies, residential internet suppliers, and even some regional and national providers. Can you afford a slowdown during peak use times or when using real-time applications such as Voice over Internet Protocol business phone service or videoconferencing?

LOGIX provides consistent speeds for both uploads and downloads. There is no throttling, and you will get the speeds you ordered. Fiber internet for business is the fastest and most reliable service you can get; not sharing your capacity with other customers helps reduce latency and provides consistent, reliable throughput.

With dedicated fiber from LOGIX, you get the fastest, most reliable business internet available that accommodates simultaneous uploads and downloads, even amid heavy internet traffic.

Depend on LOGIX for Reliable Business Internet

You can depend on LOGIX to provide the highest quality of professional services across all stages of design, installation, management and support with attention to detail. That is what reliability is all about.

It is easy to switch to LOGIX. Just request a quote, receive fast installation and get reliable fiber internet for business.

Contact LOGIX Fiber Networks today at 281-688-6283 for the most reliable business internet available. You can also request a quote online.