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How to Speed Up Your Business Internet

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Every minute, the internet handles 208,333 Zoom meetings, 188 million emails, 231,840 Skype calls, 52,083 Microsoft Teams video conferences, 4.4 million gigabytes of data and $1 million in consumer purchases. That just scratches the surface of what is happening online at any given moment. If you are not doing business with the right business internet service provider, all of that traffic can become a big problem. If you are trying to find the best solution on how to speed up your business internet, here are a few things you should check. Test Your Business Internet Speed One of the first things you should do if you are trying to speed up your business internet is determine whether the problem is speed-related. A network issue may be causing the slowdown. To test it properly, use a wired connection (rather than a wireless connection), limit the number of open applications that are accessing the internet and use a free speed testing tool. Check Upload and Download Speeds You need to pay attention to both upload and download speeds. Some business internet service providers deliver lower speeds for uploads. If there is a significant difference between upload and download speeds, you should consider switching to a business internet service provider. Top internet service providers such as LOGIX provide symmetrical (or synchronous) speeds for lightning-fast uploads and downloads. Speeding Up Your Business Internet Several things impact the speed of your business internet. The more devices connected to the internet and the more people accessing content, the more demand there is on your internet connection. The type of connection and the performance of your connection also play a role in internet speed. The Benefits of Dedicated Fiber If you are concerned about speed, consider working with business internet service providers that can provide you with dedicated fiber. Many residential, cable and national business internet providers share or lease their lines. This means you share your connection with businesses and possibly even homes in your area. If there is heavy demand from other parties, that can slow down your connection. LOGIX provides the most reliable business internet available ,with more than 300,000 fiber miles of robust internet connectivity and fiber for 3,000 enterprise buildings and 10,000 of the most demanding business customers. LOGIX can provide dedicated fiber to your business for faster speeds. More Than Just Internet Speed When it comes to fast internet connectivity, it is more than just speed. It is also about latency. Latency is the time it takes for data to transfer from a source to its destination. Low latency delivers content faster, which is especially important if you are using web-based collaboration tools or hosting video conferences. The best business internet providers can ensure that you have enough capacity and low latency to handle your business needs. LOGIX business internet service has exceptionally low latency. Check Your Devices It may sound simple, but sometimes just restarting or doing a reset on your device can fix a lot of problems. Restarting your computer can flush its random access memory (RAM), which can fill up and bog down everything. Restarting your Wi-Fi or internet router can also help. This can be as simple as unplugging it and plugging it back in. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection While most mobile devices show your Wi-Fi connection and indicate its strength, you may need to run a basic diagnostic on your desktop to check it. It is normal to see some dropoff, but if you see a significant difference, try moving your router to different locations to see if that makes a difference. You should always run your Wi-Fi in secure mode to prevent unauthorized entry, but it is also a good idea to password-protect it to limit access to just employees and perhaps customers. Too many people on the Wi-Fi at the same time will slow things down. It May Be Time for a Change If you have tried all of these things and you are still not getting the performance you want from business internet service providers, it is time for a change. LOGIX Fiber Networks provides best-in-class network reliability with internet speeds up to 10 Gbps. It is simply the most reliable business internet available. You do not need to put up with slow internet connections, downtime or frustrating response times. LOGIX operates a 24/7 network operations center with a staff that monitors network traffic for performance and security. LOGIX has geographically diverse data centers throughout Texas to provide fully redundant and lightning-fast business internet service. So if you experience a problem, LOGIX has local support teams available to immediately address your concerns. Contact LOGIX by calling 281-688-6231, or request a quote.