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The Most Important Data-Center Services for Texas Companies

You want to make sure that your data is safe and secure, but need assurance that you can access it wherever and whenever you need it. Choosing the right colocation data center can make a big difference in whether you can effectively meet these goals. So what should you look for when evaluating colocation data centers? Here are some of the key factors you will want to think about. Location Considerations The best colocation data-center service providers are locations that feature robust infrastructures. These include locations such as Houston’s energy district and Austin’s central business core because they serve thousands of area businesses, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies. You also need a colocation data center that is strategically located to protect against natural disasters, and that has taken the appropriate measures to mitigate potential disasters. For example, facilities should be constructed with 36-inch raised floors and water sensors to prevent damage from flooding. Data centers should also be built to withstand high winds to protect against damage during tornadoes and hurricanes. Redundancy is Critical Redundant power and cooling are key. You need a colocation data center with fully redundant power. This means that multiple power sources are available such as an N+1 generator and uninterruptible power-supply backup. The best colocation data centers provide A/B power to each data hall, cage and rack with transfer switches. LOGIX data centers are fully redundant and offer flexible power options. Multiple Connectivity Options Redundancy should also extend to your connectivity. You should be able to work with the carrier of your choice. Therefore, you should require that your Texas data-center services provider be carrier-neutral and offer multiple options for redundancy, including diverse and redundant fiber routes. LOGIX data centers are carrier-neutral and include connections to the LOGIX fiber network, spanning 300,000 fiber miles and serving 3,000 enterprise buildings and 10,000 businesses. 100% Uptime Guarantees Downtime can be extremely costly for businesses. Therefore, the Texas data-center services you consider should include an option in your service-level agreement for 100% uptime guarantees. While your accessibility needs may not require 100% uptime, you want to be able to access your data whenever you want. Monitoring and Maintenance One of the big advantages of colocation data centers is 24/7 year-round monitoring for security and performance. You want to work with a Texas data-center services provider, such as LOGIX, that operates its own network operations center, staffed with technicians who catch small issues before they become big problems. Security Physical security is also important. Look for a Texas data-center services provider that requires biometric, proximity and card-reader access. You also want to work with a service provider that can offer secure dedicated cabinets, cages or private suites. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Business continuity and disaster recovery have become increasingly important as more businesses migrate to the cloud. If a disaster occurs, you need assurance that you can still maintain business operations. The best solution is to back up your data at multiple locations, and the best data-center service providers offer backups at geographically diverse locations. Compliance Make sure that any data center you choose is system and organization control SOC 1 and SOC 2-compliant. This indicates that the provider is employing proper controls for data security, availability, processing integrity, privacy and confidentiality. Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements 18 compliance should also be a requirement, especially for businesses that must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or Payment Card Industry requirements. Flexibility and Scalability When your business grows or needs extra capacity for peak times, you need to be able to scale quickly. Choosing the right Texas data-center service provider means working with one that can quickly adapt to your evolving needs. Complimentary Data-Center RFP Template When evaluating colocation data centers, you need to make sure that your request for proposal (RFP) is comprehensive and reflects the unique needs of your business. When meeting with data-center service providers, you want a consistent RFP so that you can compare features and benefits side by side. Download this free data-center RFP template to compare space and power requirements, electrical and cooling specifications, internal and external security, price and more. Use it as a starting point to customize it for your business, to ensure that you can accurately evaluate proposals based on your business needs. LOGIX Data Centers LOGIX provides fiber connections to more than 105 data centers, including the LOGIX Houston and Austin data centers. With geographically diverse and fully redundant facilities, LOGIX provides secure, reliable and cost-efficient colocation data-center services that can be customized to your business requirements. Contact LOGIX today to request a quote, or learn more about Texas data-center services and colocation data centers.