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Is VoIP Business Phone Service Reliable?

Yes, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone services are reliable, and today, using VoIP for your business phone is more reliable than traditional landlines in several ways.

Landlines and physical copper wiring have become outdated, and can no longer support the unified communications and mobility needs of today’s businesses. Landlines use the public-switched telephone network, which will switch off on Dec. 31, 2025. Many carriers have announced plans to stop providing traditional wired landlines completely, with a full phaseout by 2025 or 2026.

More than 60% of organizations rely on a VoIP business phone solution. In the future, nearly every business will do so.

What Makes VoIP Business Phone Services Reliable?

Why do so many businesses leverage VoIP? Not only is it less expensive than a traditional phone service, but today’s VoIP is reliable and resilient.


VoIP has exceptional uptime, especially when you work with a premier fiber provider that offers 99.999% uptime, like LOGIX Fiber Networks.

Using a cloud-hosted private branch exchange (PBX), you get built-in redundancy for increased reliability. Redundant data center services, known as points of presence (POP), can automatically switch to different servers in case of a service interruption or reroute traffic to avoid network congestion.

When landline phones go down because of a power disruption, extreme weather or cut wires, it can take hours or even days to restore service, and may require sending technicians to your location (at your expense). As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can use VoIP. Even if the internet goes down, you can route calls to cellphones or use mobility apps to keep working.


In today’s connected environment, security is an increasing concern. While landlines are susceptible to eavesdropping, VoIP provides additional layers of security.

VoIP business phone service offers strong security by using military-grade encryption while data is in transit between sender and receiver. So even if someone did intercept a call, the data is scrambled to prevent unauthorized access.

The best VoIP business phone will also provide monitoring to keep an eye on security and performance. LOGIX Fiber Networks operates a Texas-based network operations center for 24/7 year-round monitoring and has local technicians for any needed assistance.

Call Quality

Years ago, there were concerns about the quality of calls using VoIP. Those days are over.

VoIP uses high-definition voice codecs that are even higher quality than traditional phone lines. Landlines use plain old telephone service, which is susceptible to problems with noise or electrical interference. You get stellar quality with a properly configured VoIP solution and a fiber internet connection.

Call quality is especially important when doing audio or videoconferencing for meetings to avoid dropouts or poor-quality audio.


With a VoIP business phone solution, you get significant flexibility. A mobility app lets you place or take calls on any connected device, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, and access the advanced calling features that come with VoIP.

From a cloud interface, you can quickly route calls or make changes. If you need to add phone lines or scale down, the process is fast and easy. There is no need to schedule a technician, wait for days (or weeks), and pay for their time working at your site.


VoIP also enables you to leverage the power of your customer relationship management (CRM) system. For example, you can sync your VoIP solution with your CRM system and share information, such as automatically logging calls to customers or clients.

The best VoIP business phone services integrate seamlessly with various business productivity apps, such as Microsoft Teams.

Reliable, Robust VoIP Business Phone Service from LOGIX Fiber Networks

Coupling a VoIP business voice solution with a hosted PBX gives you a reliable business tool that includes advanced calling features and unified communications.

LOGIX Fiber Networks offers several options for VoIP business phone services. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from various packages, or we can build a custom solution for you. LOGIX Business Voice Cloud is the most reliable VoIP solution with the features you need to collaborate and work efficiently.

LOGIX offers a scalable per-seat procurement model, so you can pay for what you need now and easily scale as your business grows.

You can replace your legacy phone system without spending upfront on expensive PBX hardware or phones. You can use mobility apps to equip your connected devices, including smartphones, and adapters to connect your existing handsets. There are also equipment rental options that integrate with Business Voice Cloud features.

To get the most reliable VoIP business phone services, call LOGIX today at 281-688-6231 or request a quote.