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Does Your Business Leverage VoIP Business Phone Service with Webex?

Just about everyone would agree that the way we work has changed during the past few years. Workforces are more mobile and connected than ever before. We are also connecting and working with customers, vendors and prospects using videoconferencing and collaboration tools that would have seemed impossible not too long ago.

When you combine your VoIP business phone service from LOGIX Fiber Networks with Webex, you get a comprehensive suite of tools that you can deploy regardless of where your employees or customers are. As long as they have a connected device, they can leverage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Webex and take advantage of better collaboration and unified communication tools.

The Benefits of VoIP and Webex

Bringing together the functionality of VoIP business phone service and Webex enables you to handle all of your communication needs in one platform.

Switching between apps and platforms is time-consuming and can reduce productivity. It can be counterproductive if everyone does not use the same technology to connect. In fact, research shows that app overload is taking a toll on workers. The average employee shifts between apps up to 10 times an hour, using an average of four communication apps. Studies show that this results in a significant amount of lost productivity. Rather than using different solutions for voice, video, chat or collaboration, you can consolidate it into one app, simplifying your tech stack and getting everyone on the same platform.

With a VoIP business phone solution, you get HD sound quality. Webex also has noise suppression features that screen out common background noises like typing on a keyboard while a meeting is going on, ensuring that meeting participants get the highest quality sound possible.

With LOGIX and Webex, you get improved audio and video calling and advanced collaboration features. With no hardware to buy, you can connect your distributed, remote or hybrid workforces with powerful tools to compete in today’s business environment. Whether employees are working in the office, at home or elsewhere, they have access to the same consistent experience. You also get a unified communications platform that can scale as your business grows.

VoIP Business Phone

Using Webex to its fullest capacity requires a reliable VoIP business phone service. With LOGIX, you get the highest quality service for your voice calls and dedicated and secure connectivity on a built-for-business fiber network. You get unlimited domestic long distance, direct inward dialing and disaster recovery using Internet Protocol phones or your current telephone equipment.

You can enhance your feature set and add greater mobility and collaboration with a hosted private branch exchange solution. You get more than 30 standard features plus advanced calling features such as call recording and contact center, without adding hardware. You can also add messaging, presence, real-time chat and high-definition (HD) video collaboration.

With a hosted VoIP business phone service, you can originate calls from desk phones, mobile phones or any device with a soft client mobility app, extending your VoIP business phone solution beyond the office.

With LOGIX, you get 99.999% availability on the network of the largest independent fiber provider in Texas.

Leveraging Webex with VoIP

With VoIP as your backbone, you can add Webex tools to enhance collaboration and keep your employees, customers and stakeholders connected.

Adding Webex to your devices makes calling and answering calls easy, regardless of where employees work. One-on-one and group chat capabilities let you exchange messages in real time with internal or external parties. You can also choose from several notification options to limit distractions when you are on a call or in a meeting.

Webex provides high-quality HD video calls with extended capacity. For example, with the right package, you can create HD meeting rooms for up to 1,000 participants. Also, each user has a private meeting room tied to a dedicated phone number. With Webex, you also get advanced features such as breakout rooms, screen sharing and one-button recording of meetings.

Collaboration Tools

Where Webex shines is with team collaboration. You can create dedicated spaces for locations, departments, teams or projects. Share files with groups or individuals, create virtual whiteboards with annotation, or integrate with other apps you use, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace or Salesforce.

You also get powerful search capabilities to make sure that you can quickly find the files, spaces and people with whom you need to connect.

Get LOGIX VoIP Business Phone and Webex

Webex provides collaboration tools that keep you and your employees connected and productive. LOGIX Fiber Networks provides the VoIP solution that makes Webex work seamlessly and affordably for your business.

Do you want to learn how leveraging VoIP business phone service with Webex can help you streamline operations and improve productivity? Contact LOGIX at 281-688-6283, or request a quote.