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Why Medical Practices Need Fiber Internet for Business

Every day, it seems like more and more of the work in medical practices is handled electronically. With the switch over to electronic health records (EHRs) and compliance regulations for HIPAA, a fast, secure and private internet connection is no longer an option. Here are some of the reasons medical practices need fiber network services for business:

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA sets strict compliance requirements when it comes to storing and accessing personally identifiable medical data. Failing to protect PII and demonstrating compliance can be costly. Penalties can range from $100 to $50,000 per record to jail time. Working with a third-party vendor will not absolve you of responsibility for safeguarding patient information.  Make sure that your medical practice only works with a fiber internet for business provider (understand that this is written for SEO but is awkward could we make it “a built-for-business fiber internet provider”) that can handle your sensitive information and demonstrate compliance. If you are storing PII or EHR in the cloud, you need a provider that can protect privacy and understands how to:
  • Encrypt stored data.
  • Control access to authorized individuals only.
  • Create audit trails to demonstrate compliance.

Dedicated Fiber Connections

LOGIX fiber network services for business will provide your medical practice a dedicated fiber connection.  With 300,000 fiber miles connecting 3,000 enterprise businesses, nearly 80+ third-party data centers and more than 10,000 businesses, LOGIX offers a dedicated fiber internet connection built for business. Unlike residential internet service provider, you aren’t sharing bandwidth with your neighbors. Not only can such sharing arrangements degrade the speed and throughput of your internet, but it can also make your data more vulnerable.

Cloud Connectivity

Don’t trust your medical practice business operations and sensitive data to a network that is also used by consumers versus one that’s exclusively built for business.  If you are using a residential internet provider, a cable internet company or one of the national broadband companies, you may be at risk for data breaches and data leakage.  You want to work with a company that provides fiber network services for businesses. If you are working with a cloud service provider such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, LOGIX Cloud Connect can create a dedicated, private and secure connection to reach the cloud.  LOGIX also offers secure data centers in Houston, Dallas and Austin.

Keep Your Medical Practice Functioning Efficiently

With more charting, tracking and patient interactions happening electronically, your medical practice needs fast, secure and reliable fiber internet for business.

Fast Speeds

The biggest IT complaint medical professionals have is slow speeds.  When you’re in front of a patient, the lag time can be maddening and reduce the number of attainable patient consults.  If you’re looking up patient information and the network is sluggish, it can hurt productivity (and morale).

Low Latency/High Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the size of the “pipe” you have connected to the internet.  Latency is the amount of time it takes to push data through the pipe. LOGIX fiber internet for business offers high bandwidth and low latency.  That equals a fast connection that can handle the demands of even the busiest medical practice.

Symmetrical Speeds

Residential internet providers and some national providers may make big claims about their internet speeds, but beware.  They often advertise download speeds while neglecting to disclose the fact that they limit upload speeds. It’s great to download something quickly, but if it takes a long time to send a request, it slows everything down.  That’s where symmetrical speeds come into play.  Symmetrical speeds mean that your download and upload speeds are identical.

Stellar Reliability

Fast speeds are useless if your fiber internet for business isn’t working. Residential carriers and even some of the national companies suffer from regular outages.  When things go wrong, it can be challenging to connect to an actual person to get it fixed. Fiber is more reliable and less vulnerable to outages. It also performs significantly better than copper internet connections such as DSL, which can degrade the farther away users are from the termination point.  Fiber internet for business maintains high speeds at greater distances.

LOGIX Fiber Internet for Business

LOGIX offers a range of fiber internet for business, with speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps and higher.  With low latency and high bandwidth, your private and secure fiber network services for business keeps things moving smoothly. With symmetrical speeds and 99.999% (or better) reliability, LOGIX maintains a dedicated Texas network operations center (NOC) that is monitored 24/7 year-round and service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee your uptime. LOGIX customer care is handled locally in Texas.  You can get a real person on the phone who will work with you to fix any problems that occur. In addition to fiber internet for business, LOGIX also offer robust VoIP to handle your voice and communications.  VoIP can significantly reduce the monthly bill from your local phone carrier. Request a quote from LOGIX Fiber Networks and let LOGIX show you how fiber internet for business can help improve your medical practice today.