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Why LOGIX is the Preferred Texas Wholesale Fiber Network

If you are looking for fiber network services or carrier services, the LOGIX wholesale fiber network is the perfect solution.

LOGIX has provided carrier-grade fiber network services throughout Texas for more than three decades, operating the largest independent network in the state with more than 3,000 on-net buildings. The LOGIX network covers more than 7,000 route miles all the way to the Mexican border and connects Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston with multiple fiber rings.

LOGIX also provides connectivity to nearly 80+ third-party data centers, representing nearly every major third-party data center in Texas.

Texas Wholesale Solutions

Carriers, managed service providers and companies that need high bandwidth choose LOGIX as their preferred Texas carrier. Let’s take a look at LOGIX’s wholesale fiber network services.

Managed Wavelength

Managed Wavelength is a cost-effective alternative to dark fiber. Rather than building, lighting and managing dark fiber, LOGIX provides an easy solution for customers who need bandwidth scalability and fast implementation.

LOGIX Managed Wavelength provides:

  • Scalability, which allows companies to increase bandwidth as required to handle growing needs.
  • Low latency, with multiple routes between major markets and in-metro areas.
  • Layer 1 transport security.
  • Metro and long-haul availability.
  • Data center connectivity.

LOGIX’s Managed Wavelength service provides network protection options for multiple metro routes or between markets.

Metro Ethernet

Wholesale Metro Ethernet helps businesses connect multiple locations with a metro area network, including point to point, point to multipoint and any-to-any wide area network connectivity.

LOGIX provides private, secure Ethernet connections to major cloud service providers with scalable bandwidth as high as 100 Gbps, offering diverse tier-1 points of presence and enterprise-level service-level agreements to the network edge, including path and building entrances.

Fiber Internet

Wholesale fiber internet provides guaranteed capacity to the customer edge using LOGIX’s fiber network. LOGIX fiber internet provides faster access to data and applications stored in the cloud, with speeds up to 100 Gbps.

Wholesale fiber network port types include fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

Dark Fiber

Wholesale dark fiber provides the maximum level of security with your own dedicated fiber strands and virtually unlimited scalability. The LOGIX fiber network connects major Texas markets with a complete solution for dark fiber services, woven with lit solutions for additional reach.

Leasing and indefeasible right-of-use options are available for wholesale dark fiber or conduit, including point to point, hub and spoke, and ring configurations.

Wireless Backhaul

LOGIX also provides wireless backhaul services for a more flexible approach to address back, front or midhaul requirements for wireless service providers. Designed to handle the demanding requirements of 5G, LOGIX’s high-capacity network supports any use case for transporting wireless traffic.

Whether filling in gaps in existing networks or expanding the reach of a wireless infrastructure, LOGIX’s metro and long-haul fiber networks can extend connectivity to new or existing cell sites to ensure end-to-end system performance and wireless traffic delivery.

Carrier services include:

  • Service options from 1 Gb to 100 Gb and dark fiber.
  • Diverse routes.
  • Mobile telephone switching office diversity.
  • Sophisticated network timing and synchronization.

Wireless backhaul helps protect networks, ensure uptime and meet the stringent specifications for 5G.

Why LOGIX is the Preferred Carrier Fiber Network in Texas

The LOGIX fiber infrastructure can deliver metro access, regional transport, and a range of networking and connectivity solutions. With a dense network reach, LOGIX can connect nearly every major third-party data center in the state.

There is a significant difference when you work with LOGIX. Not only do you get the most reliable internet connectivity, but you get dedicated wholesale teams and local, friendly customer support 24/7 year-round.

You will enjoy fast response times and exceptional service. You will not have to deal with frustrating response times or talk to customer service representatives on the other side of the country. Local Texas customer support teams are available to resolve any issues that occur.

The LOGIX fiber network is also monitored 24/7 year-round by a Texas-based network operations center, ensuring consistent performance and security along with optimal uptime.

To discuss wholesale fiber network services or carrier services, contact the experts at LOGIX Fiber Networks at 281-688-6283, or request a quote online.