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Data Center Connectivity Options for Primary and Backup Data Centers

Cloud applications and services that run on off-site servers are becoming the norm as organizations continue to implement digital transformation solutions. Companies are storing data off-site in data centers and using colocation data centers for their servers, using public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud options. With today’s remote workers and distributed workforces, reliable connectivity with the data center has become imperative.

It is estimated that more than half of data center racks will be stored off-premises by 2024. Since organizations have different needs, infrastructure configurations vary, so companies need options regarding data center connectivity.

Whether you are looking for a primary or backup connection for your data center, here are some of the data center connectivity solutions that businesses are using today.

Dedicated Internet Access

If you access resources off-site, you need reliable and fast business internet. Therefore, you need fiber to allow for simultaneous uploads and downloads without sacrificing speed during heavy internet traffic periods.

With dedicated internet access (DAI), you get an internet connection dedicated to your organization and not shared with other customers. This provides consistent and higher speeds with high availability and greater reliability.

Direct Connections to Cloud Service Providers

A direct connection to cloud service providers (CSPs) can increase performance by reducing latency. This is especially important when you are moving large data sets routinely. With private access to leading CSPs, you can improve performance. This may also reduce the egress fees to move data in and out of the cloud.

Direct connectivity to CSPs--also called native on-ramps, gives you an ultra-fast, secure, and scalable connection to AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google, and other cloud services.

Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet lets you connect to ethernet LANs within a metropolitan area, making distributed sites appear and act as part of a single local area network. This can connect data centers and multiple sites or multiple data centers with multipoint-to-multipoint services. MEF 2.0 certified options include Ethernet Private Lange, Ethernet Virtual Private Line, and E-LAN.

Business Wavelength

Business Wavelength service allows organizations to increase bandwidth levels to higher speeds--often up to 100 Gbps. You get dedicated, full bandwidth between locations, including multiple connections, diverse routing, and load sharing. Wavelength is a cost-effective alternative to lighting and managed dark fiber.

Cross Connect Data Center

A cross connect data center provides you with a direct connection to another provider within the data center. For example, you might do business with another company. If that company operates in the same colocation data center, you can deploy a physical connection, such as a fiber, and avoid using the public internet to transmit and receive data. This provides a dedicated, private connection and virtually eliminates latency.

You can also:

  • Cross-connect your equipment within a colocation data center to provide greater throughput, eliminating traffic congestion, switching, or routing.
  • Cross-connect to an internet service provider (ISP), which would then provide access to the internet.

Primary and Backup Connectivity

Most data centers are carrier neutral, meaning you can choose the best business internet service provider that fits your needs. Many organizations choose to connect to multiple providers. One service may be used as a primary connection while a secondary service is designated as a backup with automatic failover. This provides superior redundancy and increased flexibility.

Organizations may also choose to segment mission-critical applications and connectivity on their primary connection and designate lower-priority traffic on a secondary connection using intelligent routing.

Why Choose LOGIX Data Center Connectivity Solutions?

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