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How Switching to Fiber Internet Will Change Your Business for the Better

Switching to fiber internet for your business will improve the speed and reliability of your connection. Even the fastest copper wiring or coax is incapable of reaching the speeds you can get from fiber. Speed is not the only benefit, either. Here are some of the biggest advantages you will see when you switch to fiber internet for business. Consistent Signal Strength Cable or copper lines tend to degrade as you move farther away from your network switch. So computers and other devices that are at the end of the line may have less reliable or weaker signals compared to those closer to the switch. In contrast, fiber internet for business transmits data using light pulses, which means that signals can travel for hundreds of miles before any measurable degradation occurs. Stellar Reliability When your internet service is down, it impacts productivity. In fact, estimates show that small and mid-sized businesses in the U.S. are estimated to have $40 billion in lost productivity from internet outages in 2020. When it comes to reliability, you cannot beat fiber network services. Cable and phone lines use copper wiring, which breaks easily. Copper and coaxial cables are also more susceptible to electronic interference damage during severe weather and accidents. Fiber internet for business is resistant to electrical interference and difficult to damage. You would have to physically cut the fibers to interfere with them. Improved Performance Does your internet slow down when demand is high? Fiber network services can handle significantly more throughput without slowing down. Cable and national business internet suppliers often share lines with other traffic. This means that your internet performance may depend on neighboring businesses’ usage. When you work with a business fiber network provider, the company installs dedicated fiber for your business. Copper or coaxial cable connections rely on legacy hardware, and your connection is only as strong as the equipment on which it runs. Since equipment typically runs on a shared infrastructure, the performance of your internet connection may depend on other customers’ usage. With fiber, each of your locations has a dedicated private connection. Low Latency Fiber also offers significantly lower latency. Latency is the speed at which data arrives at its destination. If you have ever noticed lagging on a voice call or video call, it is likely due to a latency issue. Fiber internet for business minimizes latency problems so that you experience:
  • Better Voice over Internet Protocol call quality (VoIP).
  • Smoother video calls.
  • Faster data transmissions.
  • The ability to upload and download of huge files without disruption.
Another advantage of fiber is the ability to produce symmetrical speeds. A business fiber network provider provides the same fast upload speeds that you get with download speeds. Many cable or phone providers offer fast download speeds, but throttle upload speeds. More Secure There is no way to tap into fiber. With cable or phone lines, threat actors can tap into the lines and intercept traffic. You cannot do that with fiber. If you tried to cut the line, transmission would simply stop. In today’s security-conscious environment, fiber internet for business provides better protection for company and customer data. Robust Cloud Access More business is being done in the cloud than ever before. Surveys show that 94% of organizations have migrated all or some data to the cloud, and the majority of those organizations are using multiple public and private clouds to move data. You may not be familiar with software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), but there is a pretty good chance that you are using the services they provide because they have become standard business tools. If you are using Google Docs, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you are using SaaS. If you are using Square for payments or hosting your eCommerce site on Shopify, those are also SaaS applications. In today’s connected world, you need the most robust cloud access available, which is fiber internet for business. More than ever, businesses depend on robust, reliable and high-performance connections. With more employees working from home than ever before and companies considering diverse workforces moving forward, internet connectivity has become even more important. You need a robust internet connection so that remote employees can access company networks and resources easily and efficiently. Scalability Things change quickly In today’s dynamic economic climate. Fiber connections are highly scalable, which means that you can add resources, increase availability, and make changes to your network easily and quickly to accommodate changes in demand. Tired of Slow Speeds and Downtime? If you are tired of slow business internet speeds, unreliable performance and downtime, it’s time to switch to fiber internet for business. LOGIX Fiber Networks is the choice for more than 10,000 businesses, 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 80+ third-party data centers, with more than 300,000 fiber miles installed throughout Texas. LOGIX provides fiber network services that are built for business. Contact LOGIX today for a quote.