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Texas Chooses LOGIX for Data Center Cloud Connectivity and Dedicated Internet

Over the past two years, many businesses have had to make significant changes to their operational models. In 2020, the amount of business happening online jumped by 27.8%, and stayed consistent at that level for 2021.

Between changing consumer behavior and demand, an increasingly distributed workforce, and the continued move to cloud services, network connectivity has become an increasingly important part of doing business. 89% of all companies have adopted a digital-first strategy or are in the process of doing so.

All of these changes require reliable, resilient and fast data center network connectivity to keep your business connected and operating smoothly. If you are using a data center, connectivity is the key to productivity. If your connection drops or slows down, it can significantly impact your operations. Employees are frustrated; work does not get done, and revenue may be lost.

Downtime is not the only issue, though. There are several other factors, including:

  • Network latency. When latency is high, there can be a lag time in transferring data.
  • Network congestion. Congestion can increase latency and lead to disconnections.
  • Network routing. Without diverse network routing, network congestion can increase.

When any of these factors becomes an issue, your business pays the price in efficiency, which explains why more than 10,000 Texas businesses have chosen LOGIX Fiber Networks among data center companies for their data center network connectivity. With more than 300,000 fiber miles in Texas, a state-of-the-art backbone and multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets, LOGIX provides the most reliable and secure data center network connectivity and dedicated internet services in Texas.

LOGIX can connect your business with a LOGIX data center in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston, or to nearly 80+ other third-party data centers in Texas.

Why Choose LOGIX for Data Center Network Connectivity?

If you are tired of inconsistent network performance, downtime, slowdowns, rude customer service or long waits on the phone when there is a problem, you do not need to settle. LOGIX provides:

  • Flexible network configurations customized to your business.
  • Scalable data center services to support your business growth.
  • Network resiliency on the LOGIX fiber network, supported by the LOGIX customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Exceptional 24/7 year-round Texas-based customer support and network operations monitoring.

LOGIX Fiber Networks has data center network connectivity solutions to optimize your connectivity on the largest independent fiber network in Texas – the most reliable business internet available. Monitored 24/7 year-round by the LOGIX network operations center, LOGIX provides 99.999% uptime guarantees.

With LOGIX, your options for connectivity include:

  • Fast and reliable LOGIX Business Internet, with symmetrical and scalable speeds up to 10 Gbps.
  • Site-to-site connectivity with low latency and high availability for business-critical applications with LOGIX Business Ethernet, including MEF 2.0-certified Ethernet services, Ethernet Private Line (point to point), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (point to point shared) and Ethernet Local Area Network (multipoint configurations).
  • LOGIX Cloud Connect, providing private, direct and secure access to cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle Cloud, and other leading CSPs.
  • Powerful, high-bandwidth solutions to handle large data transfers between locations and data centers with LOGIX Business Wavelength, including a full range of speeds up to 100 Gbps. This enables you to run multiple applications over a single fiber wavelength without the complexity of network management.
  • LOGIX SD-WAN Secure gives you network command and control of your data center connectivity to manage traffic and security for multiple locations, including remote and mobile users. This enables you to extend network security to remote workers and optimize network paths with dynamic traffic steering.

LOGIX data center services are available at LOGIX data centers and 80+ third-party data center providers across Texas.

Free Data Center RFP Template

When you are evaluating data centers for your business, it is important to compare options. LOGIX has prepared a free data center request for proposal (RFP) template, compiled from information provided by industry experts, data center managers, enterprise IT leaders and data center providers, for you to use during your due diligence.

Choose LOGIX Fiber Networks

Whether you are looking for a data center for your business or the best data center connectivity for your organization, choose LOGIX Fiber Networks. With 99.999% uptime service guarantees, LOGIX is built for business.

Do you want to learn more about LOGIX colocation data centers? Request a tour. To discuss your data center or data center network connectivity needs, call 281-688-6283, or contact us to request a quote.