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The Best Business Internet, Phone and SD-WAN Service Provider in Texas

What happens to your business if your internet slows to a crawl, or you have poor phone connections? What if your IT systems shut down completely?

Besides frustrating employees and customers, downtime is costly – 91% of enterprise organizations say that the average cost of IT downtime can be $300,000 an hour or more. For 44% of companies, those hourly downtime costs exceed $1 million.

What about data breaches? Cyberattacks increased by nearly 50% in 2021, and so did the cost of dealing with them. The average cost of a data breach is now at a record high, topping $4.2 million. With more people working remotely, security is more important than ever.

The potential impact on your business may be much less (or much more). Either way, you cannot afford anything other than reliable and secure solutions for your business internet and phone.

If you are looking for the best business internet providers in Texas, the best business phone service providers in Texas or the best software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) service providers in Texas, you can find them all with LOGIX Fiber Networks. LOGIX now also offers solution bundles to maximize your value on its built-for-business fiber network.

LOGIX Business Internet Service

LOGIX is Texas’ preferred business internet provider and delivers fast and reliable internet for more than 10,000 companies. LOGIX is also the largest independent fiber operator in Texas, with more than 300,000 fiber miles that connect 3,000 enterprise buildings and nearly 80+ third-party data centers.

LOGIX Business Internet service provides:

  • Symmetrical, scalable speeds up to 10 Gbps.
  • Multiple fiber rings in major Texas markets.
  • A state-of-the-art core backbone.
  • Diverse Tier-1 internet peering points.

LOGIX Business Phone Service

LOGIX Business Voice Cloud is a cloud-based phone system with 30 standard features and access to more advanced collaboration options.

When you bundle LOGIX Business Internet with LOGIX Business Voice Cloud, you get best-in-class network reliability, mobility, and collaboration tools with the highest quality voice service. As a premier business phone service provider in Texas, LOGIX offers several bundling options, including:

  • Business Voice Cloud – Collaborate Bundle 10 offers VoIP with 10 seats and Business Internet at either 500 MB or 1 GB speeds.
  • Business Voice Cloud – Collaborate Bundle 15 offers VoIP with 15 seats and Business Internet at either 500 MB or 1 GB speeds.
  • Business Voice Cloud – Collaborate Bundle 25 offers VoIP with 25 seats and Business Internet at either 500 MB or 1 GB speeds.

If you are still using phone company or cable company phone services, LOGIX Business Phone provides a superior, cost-efficient solution with high-quality voice calls. With LOGIX Business Phone service, you avoid copper or coax lines, the high cost of downtime, and the need to upgrade and maintain phone systems and equipment.

If you are using two different providers for your internet and phone service, you may be able to save using LOGIX bundles. Request a quote today to find out.

LOGIX SD-WAN Secure Service

You can bundle LOGIX’s dedicated, reliable fiber network with a cloud-based integrated firewall to enable secure connectivity across multiple wide area networks and even wireless LTE.

As a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, LOGIX SD-WAN Secure keeps your network secure with unified threat management and anti-virus options. It also ensures optimal performance by prioritizing traffic for real-time applications such as VoIP and videoconferencing, along with other mission-critical applications.

LOGIX SD-WAN can also extend network security and SD-WAN services to remote workers with the LOGIX SD-WAN Anywhere add-on service.

You can now bundle LOGIX SD-WAN Secure and LOGIX Business Internet with 500 MB or 1 GB speeds.

LOGIX is Built for Business

LOGIX Fiber Networks is different from other business internet providers in Texas. When you work with LOGIX, you get exceptional service from local employees, including a Texas-based contact center and a Texas-based Network Operations Center (NOC) that monitors network performance 24/7 year-round.

With LOGIX, you get friendly service, fast response times and flexible bundles on Texas’ most reliable fiber network.

Solve your communication challenges at an affordable price by bundling your services with LOGIX Fiber Networks. Request a quote today.

LOGIX Network Operations Center (NOC) continues to monitor Beryl's impacts to maintain services for our customers in the impacted regions and to act quickly to restore services as needed. To report any service interruptions please submit a ticket via theLOGIX Customer Portal