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How Companies in Texas Use Business Internet to Work More Efficiently

It’s hard to imagine doing business today without a reliable high-speed business internet service. So much of the business we do requires connectivity. Digital workplaces incorporating online collaboration tools have been shown to be 30% more productive.

In today’s connected environment, businesses are working with business internet providers in Texas as partners to help make their businesses more efficient. Here are some of the ways companies are leveraging business internet.

Working in the Cloud

Business transformation and cloud migration have shifted the majority of enterprise data into the cloud, allowing for easier storage and retrieval. Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform enable employees to access files from anywhere.

Cloud Applications

Businesses today are also using a rapidly increasing number of cloud software applications. Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms are in use by nearly 14 billion customers globally, with about 60% of users located in the U.S. There are about 30,000 SaaS companies, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Zoom and Hubspot.

Voice and Video Calling

By switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for their phone service, Texas companies are saving a significant amount of money. Most companies using VoIP see a reduction in costs of up to 50% compared to a traditional phone company service. The best business internet providers offer exceptionally low latency so that voice and video calls are clear and worry-free.

Companies are also deploying cloud-hosted private branch exchanges, reducing maintenance costs and extending advanced calling features to workers at different locations or working remotely.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Unified communications provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved team collaboration and productivity.
  • Reduced equipment and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced technical support costs.
  • Improved security and compliance.

When employees and customers work together using unified communication tools, omnichannel communications allow for more robust interactions with tools such as:

  • Messaging and chat.
  • Collaboration channels.
  • File sharing.
  • Integrated apps.
  • Voice and video calling.

Enhanced Security

Business internet providers have enhanced security as part of their offerings. For example, VoIP includes end-to-end encryption to protect data in transit. Depending on their business internet provider, many companies bundle software-defined wide-area network and network security and performance monitoring as part of their service.

IT and Business Automation

With the right business internet providers in my area, Texas businesses are also leveraging business internet service to take advantage of business process automation (BPA). BPA reduces manual tasks to make businesses work efficiently and reduce errors.

Some examples of how companies are using automation to improve the usage of cloud resources include:

  • Infrastructure provisioning.
  • Application deployment.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Compliance and security.
  • Monitoring and alerting.

Companies are also using automation for business and operational functions, such as:

  • Marketing campaigns and lead nurturing.
  • Sales outreach and pipeline management.
  • Invoicing, payroll processing and expense management.
  • Human resources, including onboarding and benefits administration.
  • Supply chain, including inventory management and automated reordering.

Customer Service

Reliable high-speed business internet allows customer service and support teams to improve their performance. By connecting customer relationship management and call center software, agents have customer information available to handle contacts more efficiently wherever they are working, enabling companies to expand customer support. Given that customer service has high turnover rates, business internet allows organizations to hire more remote workers and provide them with the tools they need to serve customers.

Cost Reduction

When employees can work faster and access information more easily, they can work more efficiently. This increases productivity and reduces labor costs.

Working with business internet providers in my area also lets organizations take advantage of cost savings in several ways, such as:

  • Reducing paper and print costs.
  • Enabling remote work.
  • Cutting back on travel expenses.
  • Leasing rather than buying software.
  • Reducing hardware investments.

Because business internet can scale quickly, especially when you use fiber, you can save money by paying for the speed and capacity you need now, which avoids paying for capacity you do not need currently. At the same time, however, you always have the option to scale as your business needs change.

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