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How to Use SD-WAN to Manage Secure Data Center Connectivity

An increasing number of remote workers, the complexity of today’s networks and connectivity options, and IT sprawl have made network management more complex as attack points have multiplied. Traditional security solutions have proven inadequate to maintain high performance and high security.

Companies are using software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions to manage and control network resources, security and data center connectivity. Companies that require connectivity between multiple regional office and data center locations see significant SD-WAN benefits.

The SD-WAN architecture works as a cloud-based overlay of the existing wide area network, providing centralized control over multiple endpoints, including data centers, branch offices, mobile devices and remote workers.

IT teams can monitor and manage security and performance from one centralized interface, accessible from anywhere. SD-WAN enables centralized management for security and business policies, dynamic and context-aware traffic routing, and real-time monitoring. These are just a few of the SD-WAN benefits that enterprises enjoy, and explain why so many companies have adopted it as the solution for network management and security.

Top Reasons for Deploying SD-WAN Architecture

A survey by research firm TeleGeography showed not only a continued increase in SD-WAN architecture adoption, but also reported a change in why companies are deploying SD-WAN. In past surveys, respondents listed cost savings as their top reason. Now, those participating in the TeleGeography survey also cited other SD-WAN benefits:

  • Increased site capacity
  • Improved performance through traffic optimization
  • Reduced provisioning time
  • Improved security
  • Enhanced access solutions

SD-WAN provides all of these things and more.

Data Center Connectivity and Performance

An SD-WAN architecture can manage multiple-connection including private network, dedicated internet,  broadband or LTE supporting private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multicloud deployments. This flexibility enables organizations to control and segment traffic automatically based on the most efficient and affordable routing.

Dynamic routing provides the most efficient path for data center connectivity to optimize performance. Because SD-WAN is context-aware, it can distinguish between types of traffic and prioritize appropriately. For example, business-critical applications can get higher priority than other traffic. It is also possible to prioritize applications that demand exceptionally low latency, such as VoIP or videoconferencing.

Data Center and Network Security

At the same time, SD-WAN applies consistent policies, security and business rules across all traffic to protect your network.

SD-WAN can recognize devices and users and automatically apply security rules on an individual user basis, allowing access only to authorized data center applications. This reduces the attack points and helps prevent lateral movement by unauthorized users.

SD-WAN can help protect traffic against threats from both outside the network and within the organization, using a variety of tools to filter traffic and scan for threats. For example, LOGIX SD-WAN Secure uses next-generation firewall (NGFW), which combines traditional firewall protection and encryption with advanced security, including:

  • URL and IP filtering.
  • Unified threat management.
  • Intrusion protection systems.
  • Deep packet inspection.
  • Antivirus with auto-signature updates.
  • Reject and threat lists.
  • Granular application- and role-based control.
  • Strong multifactor authentication.
  • Microsegmentation of network traffic.

Centralized Management

An SD-WAN architecture creates an integrated solution that brings the act of securing control and WAN management into a single interface, significantly reducing the administration of network resources.

LOGIX’s SD-WAN works as an overlay of your network, which enables it to span all of your devices and access points/endpoints, including remote workers and branch locations, using a central platform.

SD-WAN also provides consistent visibility into the entire network, which makes identifying security risks, bottlenecks and user errors easier.


SD-WAN provides a more secure network for optimal performance, while reducing management and administrative demands on IT teams.

LOGIX Fiber Networks has partnered with Versa Networks to provide SD-WAN solutions for business. The combination of LOGIX’s networking expertise and the Versa Networks Titan solution enables a comprehensive approach to optimize and secure wide area networks and protect data centers.

Versa Networks has been named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for 2020 and 2021. LOGIX is recognized as a Versa Titan Specialized partner.

Do you want to ensure secure data center connectivity throughout your organization? Request a quote from LOGIX to implement an SD-WAN architecture, or call 281-688-6283 for more information.