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Using SD-WAN to Keep Your Fiber Business Internet Secure

In 2021, cyberattacks increased more than 15% from the previous year, and this record pace has continued into 2022. In June alone, more than 34 million records were compromised in data breaches and cyberattacks.

The number of remote and at-home workers has increased the potential attack points that cybercriminals can exploit. At the same time, hackers have become more sophisticated and escalated their attacks.

Most companies have not added enhanced security features to protect their internet service. One study revealed that external threats were successful in around 93% of cases because bad actors could breach the network perimeter and gain access.

Statistics like these are why organizations are looking for security solutions from their business fiber network provider.

At LOGIX Fiber Networks, SD-WAN Secure keeps your fiber business internet safe and secure.

How SD-WAN Secures Your Network

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that provides enterprisewide security and networking.

LOGIX SD-WAN Secure protects your offices, remote branches and remote users. It overlays your fiber business internet and separates the control and management layer from your networking hardware. SD-WAN allows you to consolidate your security and management into one centralized interface. At the same time, you can apply your security, access and governance policies to every device on the network regardless of where that device sits or how someone connects.

LOGIX SD-WAN provides security at the edge to monitor and control network access.

Encrypted Tunnels

SD-WAN creates encrypted tunnels between each site on your WAN and leverages Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security for traffic between locations and cloud applications. It creates a virtual private network (VPN) without the complexity of managing VPNs, hardening your security by creating edge-to-edge encryption.


Segmenting your network is one of the best ways to prevent lateral movement in case someone does breach your network. You can create a zero-trust architecture by setting specific security policies and requiring application-level authentication and access.

Segmentation allows you to apply granular controls to groups of resources. Limiting access to those with the proper credentials and a verifiable business need significantly reduces the attack surface. If one application or resource is compromised, others on your network are not at risk because they are segmented.

Advanced WAN Security

LOGIX SD-WAN includes an integrated next-generation firewall (NGFW), which combines traditional firewall protection with advanced security, including:

  • Reject and threat lists.
  • Deep packet inspection.
  • URL and content filtering.
  • Intrusion protection systems (IPS).
  • Anti-virus protection with auto-signature updates.
  • Multifactor authentication.
  • Unified threat management (UTM).
  • Lateral movement detection.
  • Secure web gateways.

Flexible Configurations

LOGIX SD-WAN and LOGIX SD-WAN Anywhere solutions can accommodate multiple configurations and fiber network services, including:

  • Dedicated internet.
  • Private Ethernet.
  • Broadband.
  • LTE (Wireless).

Centralized Management

Another big advantage of SD-WAN is centralized resource management. Regardless of your network’s configuration and connectivity, an integrated and layered security approach using LOGIX SD-WAN lets you control your security settings and policies across every device from a single cloud platform. This reduces the administrative burden and makes changes significantly easier to implement.

A recent report found that most companies are only aware of 75% of the devices on their network. Enterprise companies can have several hundred or even thousands of endpoints. With a centralized platform, you get greater visibility across the entire network, which lets you identify potential security gaps more easily. Visibility is critical in light of today’s complex network architectures.

How SD-WAN Improves Network Performance

LOGIX SD-WAN keeps your network secure and improves its performance.

SD-WAN is context-aware; in other words, it can differentiate between the types of traffic on your network. Business-critical applications and real-time applications that require low latency, such as voice or video, receive priority routing.

Dynamic routing directs traffic most efficiently to optimize performance and reduce bottlenecks.

LOGIX Fiber Networks: Built for Business

The LOGIX SD-WAN Secure solution is part of the suite of services LOGIX offers as the largest independent business fiber network provider in Texas. Trusted by over 10,000 businesses as the preferred choice for business internet, the LOGIX built-for-business fiber network provides enterprise-level telecommunications solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Many businesses bundle LOGIX Business Internet and SD-WAN Secure for dedicated, fast and reliable fiber network services in a secure network environment.

Learn more about fiber business internet by calling 281-688-6283, or request a quote today.

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