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What Is SD-WAN? How to Optimize and Build a Resilient Network

As more applications depend on cloud-hosted software-as-a service (SaaS), downtime is no longer an option. Even in organizations deploying multiple links (such as private ethernet, dedicated internet and LTE), you still need to effectively manage your network traffic to achieve peak performance without sacrificing control or security.

Remote work and a distributed workforce only add to the challenges of managing and controlling your network activity.

You need a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN).

What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), a virtualized management solution that resides over the top of enterprise wide area networks. SD-WAN gives branch offices, remote workers and distributed workforces access to corporate applications, resources and services, all manageable through one centralized dashboard.

SD-WAN separates the control and management layer from the networking hardware so that management can be handled via software. Security, access and governance policies can be applied across every device on the network from a single pane of glass, providing global and granular control and thus a consistent approach regardless of where workers are or what device they are using.

SD-WAN does not replace your WAN network services. SD-WAN solutions act as an overlay to work with – and optimize – your WAN. SD-WAN supports and manages your entire network with a secure solution and can accommodate multiple configurations.

The figure below shows one way you can integrate the LOGIX SD-WAN Secure and SD-WAN Anywhere solutions into your infrastructure.

SD-WAN can accommodate multiple types of WAN services, including:

  • Dedicated Internet
  • Private Ethernet
  • Broadband
  • LTE (wireless)

LOGIX SD-WAN solutions also support multiple uplinks at a single location for increased network resiliency.

The Benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN benefits every aspect of your network, from increasing reliability and security to prioritization and diversity.

Redundancy and Reliability

In case of a failure, your SD-WAN solution will automatically divert traffic to create seamless connectivity.

Many organizations today are using a mix of private lines and internet for connectivity. If one of the links has a disruption or becomes congested, you can leverage a more optimal connection.

SD-WAN will route traffic to the best available connection without dropping a session. It happens in the background, without users experiencing any downtime or delay.


Part of building resilient SD-WAN solutions is integrating end-to-end security that goes well beyond just encrypting data. Replacing aging SD-WAN security or third-party security solutions with an integrated next-generation firewall, IP and URL filtering, anti-virus protection, and intrusion prevention systems simplifies management while enhancing security.

Optimization and Prioritization

SD-WAN will automatically organize traffic to prioritize real-time applications, such as videoconferencing or VoIP, that demand minimal latency. Allowing efficient access to cloud-based resources without needing to backhaul traffic to centralized locations reduces latency and provides a better user experience.

SD-WAN is application-aware so that demanding applications get the bandwidth they need.


Another of the SD-WAN benefits is that it can split traffic across multiple providers. In the event of network congestion, your SD-WAN will route traffic for optimal performance.

Networks today get complex quickly, especially with multiple locations, hybrid and multi-cloud options, and distributed workforces. Traditional circuits may struggle with the volume of cloud traffic routing across multiple locations rather than a single data center. SD-WAN handles multiple locations and connectivity options seamlessly to ensure high-availability application performance.

The LOGIX SD-WAN Secure Solution

The year 2020 put a new urgency on creating reliable and resilient systems to accommodate a rapidly evolving workflow. SD-WAN creates the network you need for management, control and security of your evolving infrastructure.

With LOGIX SD-WAN Secure, you get a comprehensive SD-WAN solution to manage your network for optimal performance. Integrated security provides a secure solution to protect your network and assets. You get full visibility at the network, application and user level, application-aware routing, and policy-based conditional access.

You can also add optional soft-client solutions to extend SD-WAN solutions to distributed workforces.

LOGIX Fiber Networks has partnered with Versa Networks to deliver reliable SD-WAN solutions. Deep networking experience from LOGIX and industry-leading SD-WAN solutions from Versa provide a comprehensive approach to optimize and secure your wide area network.

Learn how LOGIX can optimize and build a secure, resilient network using SD-WAN Secure. Request a quote from our Texas-based sales and support team.