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What to Do When Your Business Internet and Phone Go Down During a Hurricane

If your business internet or phone service goes down, you are at the mercy of both Mother Nature and your business internet company in Texas. There is a significant difference in the response from providers. While your first step is to contact your business internet company or business phone company in Texas, the people on the other end of the line will play a big role in getting you back up and running.

It’s best to work with a provider that monitors network connections 24/7 year-round for optimal uptime and, in the event of a service disruption, has Texas-based support teams and technicians. You do not want to wait in a long queue for national support hotlines or worry about whether someone on the other side of the country will prioritize your problem.

You also want to work with a business internet company in Texas that has local technicians on standby, ready to tackle any issues. Some national and regional providers have to bring in people from outside the market or hire contractors to do the work. While the best companies will make arrangements ahead of time, it is best to work with local people who know the area and can respond quickly.

A Proactive Approach to Internet, Phones and Hurricanes

The best strategy is to be proactive. You can mitigate downtime by working with the best business internet and phone service providers. With the right systems and connectivity in place before a storm strikes, you can significantly improve your business continuity and disaster recovery.

Choose Fiber Connectivity

The best thing you can do to lower your risk of outages is to choose fiber for your business internet and business phone service. Fiber-optic connections are more resilient than any other solution. Fiber uses light to transmit data and voice packets rather than the electrical impulses that copper and other lines use. As such, fiber is not susceptible to electrical interference from storms, and provides better protection against water damage from rain and flooding.

Fiber bundles are wrapped inside thicker cladding, which provides a more protective buffer layer. Fiber works even if it is displaced, moved or bent. A fiber connection gets blocked only if it is cut directly.

When the power goes out, fiber still works as long as your business internet company in Texas can supply power at origination.

Use Cloud/Off-Site Backups

Organizations should strongly consider hosting off-site backups in the cloud or a colocation data center. You can also improve your data protection by using geographically diverse data centers to avoid any localized disruptions.

LOGIX Fiber Networks operates colocation data centers in Austin, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth to provide additional protection against hurricanes. LOGIX also has fiber connectivity to 80 third-party data centers.

Select Fortified and Redundant Data Centers

LOGIX data centers are fortified against storms, with diverse power and automatic A/B failover in case one power source goes down and on-site backup generators for business continuity. Power redundancy meets 100% service-level agreement uptime guarantees for power. LOGIX also has backup chilled-water storage systems to keep your equipment and data safe in case the chillers go down.

Deploy a Hosted PBX

A hosted private branch exchange (PBX) enables cloud connectivity to business phone services. Even if you lose power at your physical location or cannot work on-site, you can still connect to a hosted PBX and access your data and phone calling features.

Switch to the Best Business Internet Company in Texas

Over the past decade, 14 hurricanes have hit Texas, causing damaging winds, torrential rains, flooding and tornadoes, and doing billions of dollars in damage. Businesses need to be prepared to weather the Texas hurricane season every June through November.

During the most recent hurricane to hit Houston and recent tornadoes in Dallas, LOGIX Fiber Networks customers stayed online even while other internet and phone services stopped working.

LOGIX is the state’s largest independent provider of fiber business internet, powering 10,000 businesses and 3,000 enterprise buildings. You can trust LOGIX Fiber Networks to keep your business’ internet and phone service up and running.

Contact LOGIX today at 281-688-6283 or request a quote and prepare for hurricane season.